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Membership in Kracula's Canadian Authors/Illustrators/Screenwriters Klub! ( is open to anyone with an active interest in comic book, graphic novels, screenwriting and/or kid’s literature or media. We welcome aspiring and published writers and artists, librarians, educators, artists, students, dramatists, musicians, filmmakers, and others. A passion for entertaining , picture & sequential art-based literature is our #1 criterion.

Are you an Toronto/GTA area artistic/ storytelling beginner?
Are you ready to get savvy about using simple, proven building blocks to creating amazing storytelling & artwork--- as well as book publications, video games or animated film

Do you wanna make books, storyboards, cards posters etc....

Well Kids--- Author /Illustrator/Horror Host: Kount Kracula (" What's Inside Your Gut, Shmut?" & Presents Kount Kracula's Twisted Sinema: !: Obscure 21st Century Underground Horror /Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Thriller Movies & Shorts[both avail. on Amazon ]) & the Team of crafty, Artsy-Fartsy Minions, will show the willing how to create and publish your own books well as give future instructions for writers who would like to get into the kid-lit /picture publication market!

In upcoming events....his Kount Kracula's Published Canadian Authors/Illustrators Club, is an affordable hands on multi-faceted community-based group program, for any related beginners or experienced folks, who are interested.

All skill levels are welcome.

Kount Kracula) started this private group to meet & teach other artisan enthusiasts.

This uncertified/non-credit course, is a good start for anyone that has a fleeting interest, or, that is involved with, or anyone interested in testing the waters in the local exciting multi-faceted art industry, before going on to a regular film college, or academy; to get an official Bachelor (Honours) of Art and/or Writing Degree/Certificate .

We will also have regular course related meet-ups, that will give members a chance to schmooze. This fun meetup is more of a compliment to official art classes & NOT a substitute.

..BTW, Group Member Christian Styryer has a FACEBOOK group for our BLOOD CITY COPS script project production cast/crew @ ( ..for you facebookies!

( NOTE: Please read our Kount Kracula's Published Canadian Authors/Illustrators Club Meetup Group's rules, regulations and liabilities page, before coming to all events, at this link [by joining &/or RSVPing, you acknowledge, in this binding agreement that you have read said liabilities page (, here at this link on left of page. in this link, @ :

-Best Regards &

Tex & TWI Studio's Artspace Team c/o the Kount


Kount Kracula's ( Canadian Authors/Illustrators Club


"The Kount Kracula's Published Canadian Authors/Illustrators Club Team"

p.s. Also if you like Tex, love crappy b-movies....check out his other INTERNATIONAL Meetup @

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