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The second meetup organised by Krakow IT Architects!

The number of spots is limited so please register on and wait for the confirmation - joining on meetup doesn't allow to join the event.

Design Blueprint

What does good look like in IT Architecture? How and when can you be confident you've made the right decision? Whether you're a team lead, an engineer or an IT architect, the design decisions impact us all.

Join us at the next Architecture Meet-up and let's share our experiences with design patterns for a guided tour of the complex landscape of IT architecture. It's a session to learn from others and from each other.​

- 6:00 pm - 6:20 - Introduction - Suavek Zając, CTO at William Hill
- 6:20 pm - 7:05 pm - Fearless architecture for plugability​ - Paweł Marks, Kotlin Tooling Engineer at Virtuslab

We all work on different steps of the abstraction ladder. Undoubtedly this ladder is becoming higher and higher with every year. The higher the ladder becomes the harder it may be to see the big picture of what you actually do. The higher it is the more probable is the fact that the ladder may not stand upright. The more it leans the more probable is that one day it would fall and we fall with it. Sometimes it is good to take a few steps back and look at it from distance.
I come to you with a story about a solution to one hard problem from the land of tooling - the land that for many may seem exotic or even savage. But this strangeness of tooling world may allow you to look at this problem without biases. Seeing how we have taken a few steps down the ladder of abstraction to redesign core concepts of our tool may give us a new perspective on our current work.

I'd like to tell you a story about how guarantees do not mean restrictions but flexibilty. I want to tell you the story how we redesigned Dokka - official documentation engine for Kotlin.

- 7:05 pm - 7:15 pm - Break
- 7:15 pm - 8:00 pm - Cache strategies for large scale and horizontally scalable systems - Przemysław Bogucki, Solution Architect at Grand Parade

One of the typical scenario, for data processing systems, is to provide API access to data which need to be combined from many data sources and/or transformed from their original structures to other more suitable. Such requirement combined with the expectation of low latency and high throughput quickly cause the need to build a cache as API data source.

Presentation is going to focus on cache data population strategies for horizontal scalable systems to discuss a few examples based on fetch or events based approach. This is to analyse advantages and disadvantages of such strategies looking from resistance, availability and complexity perspective. The other covered area is cache recovery or rebuild strategy for presented examples with focus on time to recovery and service availability during recovery process. Proposed solutions are based on Redis and Kafka and some of them based on their specific features like Redis persistence or Kafka compacted log.

The last but not least part of the presentation is to discuss when the given solutions are worth to apply and when are not.

- 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Networking

Food and drinks will be provided, hope to see you there.

The host for our meetup is Grand Parade part of William Hill.
The partner of the event is Virtuslab.

If you'd like to host further events please get in touch with us.