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Liberating Structures Meetup #4

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Maciek J. and 2 others
Liberating Structures Meetup #4


We're back with next Liberating Structures meetup. Discover, experience, practice and have fun with Liberating Structures in our LS User Group Kraków.

The meetup will be held in the Polish language. We can switch to English anytime!


Time & place:

>>> 4th of April in Brainly!, Zabłocie 43A, 5th floor, 30-701

>>> Start at - 18:00



  1. Catering & networking
  2. Opening - Positive Gossip (protype LS)
  3. What are Liberating Structures?
  4. Conversation Cafe
  5. Summary for Conversation Cafe
  6. Improv Prototyping
  7. Summary for Improv Prototyping
  8. Closing

Logistics & Parking space:
There are some open slots near the main building alongside the street.


We're changing RSVP system. By default you'll join waitlist and we'll check the history of no-show and let in people with the least amount of no-shows.

List of attendees should be available next Monday (1st of April) and adjusted accordingly.

Currently we predict circa 30 slots available, though this may change.

Zabłocie 43A · Kraków
6 spots left