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How to make an easy use of Cats in your project & How Scala is hacked over JVM?

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This time we are going to talk about Cats Library and how Scala is hacked over JVM. Details below:

• Talk #1: Pawel Lipski "How to make an easy use of Cats in your project"

There are many introductions to category theory out there, but they unfortunately tend to be not enough oriented on software developer’s daily work. In this talk, in turn, I’ll ditch the theoretical bits completely, instead just showing you how to take advantage of the most useful 10% of Cats, one of the most commonly used functional programming libraries for Scala. We’ll see the most common cases for constructs like monads and applicatives in production code.

From the perspective of category theory itself this will be an introductory material (no prior knowledge & experience needed). It would be just good if you know how implicit params/classes work in Scala and also some basics about type parameters.


An AGH graduate with experience both in academia and in a large international corporation. Currently working at VirtusLab in a project for a British fintech startup. In my spare time… well, so far mostly travelling across Europe, USA, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and other cool places ;)

• Talk #2: Krzysztof Romanowski "How Scala is hacked over JVM?"

In this presentation (more like live discussion) I want to explore bytecode that is generated from picked Scala features (especially ones without native JVM support). Do you know how default parameters are implemented? If not, let's find out togehter!


Krzysztof is responsible for creating platform for efficient Scala development for really big Scala project. He has spent endless hours debugging Scala IDE, SBT, IntelliJ or even Scala compiler itself. Author of expression evaluator engine for Scala IDE and zinc contributor.


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Huge thanks to VirtusLab for sponsoring the event - venue, drinks & video.

See you soon!