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Intro do Scala / FP + Starting out in open source

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Talk #1: “Introduction to Scala via FP (and to FP via Scala)" by Paweł Włodarski
Abstract (talk in Polish!)
A mixture of introduction to Scala & Functional Programming. We will focus on mechanisms of Scala that allow to easily transition toward functional programming. I will try to show which aspects of Scala / FP are the most useful ones in daily work.

Member of Łódź JUG — group of passionate engineers focused on Java and other technologies. He organizes lectures and workshops — so called educational activities within IT community. Every year tries to help a little with (perhaps the largest) mobile technology conference — “Mobilization”. Professionally in develops software in Java for last 10 years. Recently he does more also in Scala.

Talk #2: “Starting out in Open Source” by Piotr Gawryś
Contributing to Open Source seems appealing to many but it might feel like the entry point is hidden behind impassable wall.
Based on my experience starting out as a passionate but clueless rookie I will talk about contributing to open source projects and share advice how to actually commit to it regardless of your level!

My main interests in programming revolve around leveraging purely functional abstractions and type systems to make our developers' lives easier.
I started getting involved in open source projects early in my career and now I am one of the maintainers of Monix, high-performance Scala / Scala.js library for dealing with asynchronous programming.
Currently Software Developer at VirtusLab.

VirtusLab is the founding sponsor of Kraków Scala User Group.