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Slick 3 / Compile faster with Bloop

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Talk #1: “Database access with Slick” by Paweł Dolega

The goal of the presentation is to have a quick introduction to Slick in version 3.x — Scala most popular alternative for classic ORMs (like Hibernate in Java). In fact it’s not an ORM… but we’ll talk about that later.

Presentation is to be pragmatic, so after going through it (together with code samples) you should be able to start using it in your project with no problems at all. We will focus on how basics of Slick work and how you can build relevant queries / operations / patterns, how to wrap them in transactions and generally — how to use Slick wisely. We won’t talk about Slick internals at all.

This will also be sort of an excuse to dig into functional programming paradigms. No prior Slick experience is required. Even more, no prior Scala experience is required (!), though it might help a little. Some experience with classical ORMs or DB access libraries might be beneficial. So in short — if you are Java developer and wanted to come to see what Slick is all about — even only for broadening your horizons (without really thinking about using it at work) — you are still invited and hopefully you should be able to gain some useful knowledge here.

Jack of all trades (and a master of none). Software engineer by education and at heart. Throughout my career I have been developer, team lead, manager. Worked in international corporations, small local software houses (two of which I co-founded) and medium-size software house. Delivered projects for large corporations, small startups and everything in-between (small, medium companies, corporations, startups, government organizations). These days I am VP of Engineering responsible for Cloud & Reactive stack applications at VirtusLab.


Talk #2: “Compile faster with Bloop” by Paweł Bartkiewicz

Bloop is a Scala build server, aiming to make your edit-compile-test workflows as fast as possible. It is build-tool-agnostic, so you can use it on its own, but there are also integrations for sbt, Gradle, Maven and Mill. During this talk we will explore how it works, how it can make your work more efficient and see how to set it up.

Bloop contributor, Scala developer at Scalac. Enjoys every form of programming, from assembly and microcontrollers to Haskell and big servers. Loves types. Always considers security first.