• micro.sphere.it #4 - Scala with Martin Odersky, Paweł Prażak and Jorge Vasquez

    Feel invited to join micro.sphere.it #4 session dedicated to Scala with our special guest, creator of Scala language - Martin Odersky!

    We have invited real technology rockstars to share their latest accomplishments and news from Scala Ecosystem - including the development of Scala 3 and its future.

    🔥On the agenda:
    🎙TBA by Martin Odersky
    🎙Infrastructure as Types by Paweł Prażak, Cloud Architect at VirtusLab
    🎙Exploring Type-Level Programming in Scala by Jorge Vasquez, Software Developer at Scalac

    Read abstracts here 👉 https://micro.sphere.it/microsphere/scala-micro-sphere-it/

    Register for free and stay tuned for more info 👉 https://hopin.to/events/micro-sphere-it-4-scala

    Join us on September 15th to hear from our top-seniority specialists. Don't miss the opportunity to chat with them in the Discussion Panel and get to know other community contributors Networking.

  • Dotty support in Metals & Typesafe indexed database queries in the cloud

    Another micro.sphere.it is coming! 🙌
    ✅ Hosted online
    ✅ Free entry

    This time we created a space for Scala language, community and ecosystem enthusiasts to virtually meet, chat and hear from Scala experts about their lessons learned and best practices 👏 You cannot miss it!

    🔔 On the agenda:

    🎙 Tooling for Scala 3 - Dotty support in Metals by Tomasz Godzik, Software developer at VirtusLab and Metals maintainer
    🎙Mutatis Mutandis: Typesafe, transactional, indexed database queries in the cloud by Jon Pretty, CEO at Propensive

    Join micro.sphere.it #2 - three parallel sessions dedicated to Scala Dev Tooling, Kotlin Ecosystem and Cloud-Native Applications Development 🔥

    … and don’t miss the opportunity to learn, share, connect with specialists and enthusiasts from different software backgrounds 💪

    Register today ⤵
    More info here ⤵

    Organized by https://virtuslab.com/

  • Type classes for Java devs & Pragmatic object-oriented tagless final

    Schibsted Tech Polska sp. z o.o.

    Talk #1: "Scala type classes for Java refugees" [PL] by Rafał Kucab

    The presentation will cover the basics of a very powerful and flexible concept of type classes which adds ad-hoc polymorphism to Scala language. We will go through a very simple example of how to implement and use this mechanism in your code. If you are learning Scala or you are an experienced Java developer and want to know how it works from scratch this presentation is for you. (Presentation will be held in Polish.)

    Developer with 10+ year of experience, converted from object-oriented Java/C++ to functional languages like Scala and Elm. A big fan of functional programming.


    Talk #2: "Pragmatic object-oriented tagless final" [EN] by Wojtek Pituła

    Tagless final was born in Haskell world but this doesn’t mean we have to copy it blindly. Can we get some value out of it without abandoning all the libraries and patterns people developed over the years in OOP in general and Java in particular? Let’s add classes, objects, type members and other Scala features to the picture and look at it with pure pragmatism in mind. Will it look the same? (Presentation will be held in English.)

    I solve problems, sometimes with code, if absolutely necessary. In a complicated relationship with Scala for over 4 years. Trying to make laziness an art.

    How to get to the venue?

    Schibsted offices are located in the new High 5ive building on Pawia Street—the one furthest away from the Main Station. The meetup will be held on 7th floor. The gates will be open and there will be a person helping everyone to get there.


    VirtusLab is the founding sponsor of Kraków Scala User Group and helps with travel 🚆 and accommodation 🏨 costs.

    Schibsted kindly provides the venue, beer🍺 and pizza 🍕.

  • Ticket raffle: f(by) 2020 conference in Minsk, Belarus

    Needs a location


    We got 1 free ticket for f(by) conference (https://fby.dev/) which is in Minsk, Belarus so very easy to get from our country.

    The winner will be picked at random. To enter simply RSVP to this event.

    Good luck!

    More information about the conference:

    f(by) 2020 – the 6th edition of the international conference on functional programming in Minsk, Belarus. This year the conference will be held on January 25 at SPACE (Minsk, Oktyabrskaya, 16/4). Workshop day will be the day before the conference (January 24) and will begin at 18:00.

    The attendees will have 2 tracks of talks:

    - Scala track;
    - FP languages: programming languages theory and design track.

    The first speakers and workshop have been already announced.

  • Trace your requests & Tackling GraalVM's native-image tooling with Scala

    Talk #1: "Trace your requests" by Dejan Mijic

    OpenTracing exposes vendor-neutral APIs for distributed tracing. In this talk, Dejan will introduce its building blocks, and demonstrate their usage through some of the existing Scala libraries.

    Dejan Mijic works as a senior software engineer at Zalando SE in Berlin, Germany. He is passionate about functional programming and distributed systems. Outside of his daily job, he enjoys contributing to OSS projects and competing in general knowledge quizzes.

    Talk #2: "Tackling GraalVM's native-image tooling with Scala" by Łukasz Biały

    Oracle's GraalVM brings a lot of new and exciting possibilities for JVM developers. One of them is the capability to compile Scala applications to static binaries. Configuration of native-image can be quite daunting though and while Oracle developers work hard at making it easier it's still non-trivial. I'm going to do a live-coding session presenting how this process can be automated away using new tooling currently under development and also discuss the edge cases that arise and have to be handled.

    Polyglot full-stack developer currently employing his enthusiasm for functional programming and quality coding at VirtusLab. Permanent learner with severe information dependency problem. Enjoys conversations about philosophy and all things related to mind's inner workings. Loves mountains, biking and hiking.

    How to get to the venue?

    Szlak 49 at VirtusLab office, kitchen on 6th floor


    VirtusLab is the founding sponsor of Kraków Scala User Group.

  • Free event: Scala Contributors Summit

    Podwale 3

    ---- make sure you register via eventbrite website - link below -----

    Feel more than welcome to join SCALA CONTRIBUTORS SUMMIT in Cracow!

    Scala Contributors Summit is a free surrounding event of https://sphere.it/ 2019, open to all active contributors, library authors, maintainers, and Scala User Group/Conference organizers for a day-long in-person event to discuss and exchange their experiences about all things Scala.

    Feel free to join for a single session or to stay all day 🙂

    The goal of the event is to identify the pain points that prevent the Scala ecosystem to grow in a sustainable way and to propose solutions to them.


    08/10/2019 / 09:00 - 17:00 / VirtusLab’s office: Podwale 3/7


    We do not expect you to prepare anything before the event. All you “need” is to attend the event itself and contribute your thoughts and opinions in the discussions.

    soft drinks and pizza lunch provided


  • QuantumSphere @ sphere.it (free and open to everyone)

    Kraków Opera | Est. 1954

    SAVE THE DATE: October 7, 2019 in Krakow, Poland.

    This year, as a part of Sphere.it 2019, we offer you:
    FREE QUANTUM MINI-SPHERE: https://sphere.it/quantum-microsphere-it/
    dedicated to Quantum computing 🎉

    QuantumSphere is free of charge event, offering you presentations and workshops. QuantumSphere focuses on a current perspective on the flourishing field of quantum computing. From theoretical quantum information research to the fully practical deployment of quantum computing in production.

    Meet the speakers:

    ---> Tomasz Stopa

    "Quantum computer…but how do I program it?"
    Quantum computers not only promise new computational capabilities, but also introduce new programming paradigm. Let’s check what it means from a software developer’s perspective. We’ll use Qiskit to program IBM’s quantum computer available today in a cloud to demonstrate the concepts. You may need this sooner than you expect 😉

    Tomasz invites you also to FREE WORKSHOPS!
    "Programming Quantum Computers" is to be held on Sunday, October 6th. Get more info & register here --> https://sphere.it/talk/programming-quantum-computers/

    ---> Paweł Tomasik

    "Quantum computers in the cloud – myths and facts"
    In common perception, quantum computers are a good topic for scientific magazine article rather than something that may affect us directly. The reason is that only couple of technology institutes are equipped with them. That gives a chance to play around only to narrow group of scientist.

    But last year first quantum computers became available in the cloud for every passionate around the world. That creates great acceleration for research and raises anticipation for increased progress in this are. As a result, quantum computers may evolve from pure curiosity, to something every professional shall be familiar with

    There are a lot of speculation about the future. Are quantum chipsets going to replace classic ones in everyday use or will stay in scientific laboratories? How they can change our approach to encryption and cyber security world – are there more opportunities or threats?

    During this talk, I’ll try to answer these questions providing basic concepts of quantum computing topic. I’ll present problems that can actually be solved with this technology and as well as popular myths around this topic.


    Book your FREE tickets here --> https://quantumsphere2019.eventbrite.co.uk/


    https://sphere.it/ is a leading software tech conference for developers, technology enthusiasts, and business people. Join us to experience five unique, content-rich events - covering Scala-, Reactive-, Cloud-, JS-, and Data-oriented topics in one place at one time.

    See you in October!

  • ScalaSphere @ Sphere.it

    Kraków Opera | Est. 1954

    SAVE THE DATE: October 7-9, 2019 in Krakow, Poland.

    https://sphere.it/ is a leading software tech conference for developers, technology enthusiasts, and business people. Join us to experience unique, content-rich events - covering Scala-, Reactive-, Cloud-, JS-, and Data-oriented topics in one place at one time.

    ScalaSphere - a part of a sphere.it Conference - is a 2-day conference (October 7, 9) and a deep dive into an important topic for every Scala Software Developer – Dev Tools. We aim to show how they can facilitate effective development of Scala-based systems, how they are written, and to discuss what could still be improved.

    2018 edition was a screaming success with nearly 500 participants.
    2019 will be even better!


    * 5 tech conferences in one
    * Reactive-, Scala-, Cloud-, JS-, and Data-oriented topics
    * 3 days of presentations
    * Wide variety of workshops
    * World-class speakers. New ideas. Practical knowledge.
    * Over 600 participants to network with


    There's much more to enjoy! This year we offer you 2 mini-spheres:

    * Kotlin mini-sphere is dedicated to Kotlin ecosystem.
    * Quantum mini-sphere that focuses on a current perspective on the flourishing field of quantum computing; from theoretical quantum information research to fully practical deployment of quantum computing in production.



    IMPORTANT: By getting one ticket you can participate in all 5 main and 2 mini- events!

    COMMUNITY PAY LESS: use spherelovescommunity code to get a 10% reduced price


    Martin Odersky - Lightbend
    Justin Kaeser - JetBrains
    Rory Graves - Ensime
    Eugene Yokota - Lightbend
    Rodrigo Fernandes - Codacy

    Learn more about the speakers confirmed so far on the official website.
    --> https://sphere.it/#speakers



    Choose from more than 10 different workshops dedicated to various topics crucial to every software developer out there.

    Go to --> https://sphere.it/workshops/ to learn more about the variety of workshops offered.

  • Scala Summer Camp #3: Programming IO using the MTL style

    VirtusLab Sp. z o.o.

    Scala Summer Camp is back! It's a series of 3h-long functional programming workshops, held mostly during the summer months.

    #3: Programming IO using the MTL style

    The objective of the workshop is to get some theoretical and practical overview of the functional approach to IO-based programming. You will learn how to program real applications using Scala, Cats, Cats Effect, Cats MTL, Meow MTL, and others.

    During the workshop, we will switch between quick introductions of the core features and longer step-by-step exercises. This will expose you to some features and tools needed to create and maintain production applications.

    This event is open for all programmers that know the basics of FP in Scala (immutability, pure functions, higher-order functions, type classes).

    - your own laptop,
    - git, IntelliJ, JDK 8+, Scala[masked] and sbt 1.3.2 installed.


    1. Using IO.
    2. Handling errors (Option / Either / EitherT / ApplicativeError / FunctorRaise / MonadError).
    3. Handling State (StateT / MonadState).
    4. Tagless final & MTL style.
    5. Eithers in the business logic.
    6. Using mutable reference (Ref).
    7. Doing things concurrently (Concurrent / Fiber).
    8. Purely functional waiting for values (Deferred).

    About your instructor: Michał Płachta (https://michalplachta.com)

    Polyglot programmer & functional programming enthusiast who loves the human component in software projects. He speaks at conferences, runs workshops & organizes meetups to help others get better at delivering maintainable software.

    About Scala Summer Camp

    Scala Summer Camp was initiated in 2017. Its main objective is to popularize techniques that lead to more maintainable software. It aims to attract coders at each level of experience.

    This year we are planning to host several workshops on different topics. Here's a list of this year's topics:

    - Using Functional State in Actors (23.07, 20 participants),
    - Refactoring Imperative to Functional (08.08, 18 participants),
    - Programming IO using the MTL style (01.10, this workshop),
    - Purely Functional Concurrency (planned for October, location needed).

    They will all be held during workweek afternoons. Please keep an eye out for invitations, because the number of places is limited.