Artificial Intelligence Debate


How much of our future should be put in the hands of Robots? At what point do we stop allowing Artificial Intelligence to make decisions for us? Come join Kraków Yeddel while we debate these important questions and more.

How does this event work?

We’ll have a large seating area were we can all easily communicate with each other. Your event host will present one of many questions with a short introduce explaining the question in more detail. The group can then discuses their thoughts and feelings on the question. There will be a set amount of time per questions.

Some question examples:

– With less and less human jobs, will local councils and governments be impacted by the lack of taxpayers?
– Who should have access to the ‘off’ switch?
– If a Robot commits a crime, should the judge be another Robot or human?
– Can Artificial Intelligence live in a world with religion?

And many other questions planned. Feel free to submit your own in the comment section.

This event will be presented in English only. You don’t have to publicly speak if you don’t want too. You’re welcome to just listen.

This event is aimed at learning and sharing information, but there is also a social aspect were you’ll get to meet like-minded people. This is a debate event, not an argument event.

How much does this event cost?

It is completely free. Please beware that we have seating limit of 50 people, so you MUST RSVP on our website. If you don’t reserve a seat then you might not be able to join.


This event is brought to you by Kraków Yeddel.

The aim of Kraków Yeddel is to help internationals in Kraków integrate with the locals through real world events and common interests.