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New year, new meet.js Krk! We invite you to Hub:raum to have a beer after day of intensive work. Come hang out with friends, and talk about technology. You may be sure, there are great presentations waiting for you. Of course, traditionally, we'll start with latest JavaScript news. With us you won't get lost in this crazy world, where new libraries and trends emerges and dies each day, and potential employers want you to have 3 years experience in year old technology.

Let's meet at 26th of January, thanks to Xfive – company that provides you beer and pizza, and have a great time. We have 100 seats available, sign up quickly!

Presentations and meeting will be conducted in English – everyday language of our industry.

AGENDA (presentations order may differ):

– Latest news

– Michał Pierzchała ( – Painless JavaScript testing with Jest

– Kacper Sokołowski – You use Content Security Policy, don't you?
Is there a way that we can make our website prone to some of the most notorious attacks? It turns out there is. It's called Content Security Policy. When properly used, CSP can make your website impenetrable to XSS and many other attacks.

– Norbert Wójtowicz – The Babel Fish is Data: A Case Study
The cure for scurvy is not lemons, but vitamin C. The cure for your system blues is not functional programming, but data. We will explore a case-study of how data helps in modeling your business logic, building UIs, testing your systems, and documenting your assumptions. Or, you can just let your teeth fall out.


Xfive – Developers who care (
Xfive is Australian based company with 11 years experience in web development industry. Till 2016 it was called XHTMLized. At the begining of its existence it was one of the first company to provide PSD to HTML service. Currently Xfive impements complex web solutions for USA, and Australian clients, mainly startups and creative agencies. Core developers and operational team work in Cracow district Kazimierz. Since July 2016th, Xfive also has office and team in San Fransisco. Additionaly, it regularly employs dozens of freelancers from all over the world.