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Kron Los Angeles Sunday practice.
Dear Seeker. Kron Los Angeles is a martial arts school that teaches sound martial skills, based on Historical European sources. You will learn how to use a longsword, an arming sword and buckler, a messer, a dagger, a spear, a poleaxe and traditional wrestling, to name just a few. If you are interested in Historical European Martial Arts and would like to participate, please feel free to join us. Kindly let us know that you are coming, by leaving your RSVP on our meet-up page. Sunday practice is held at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA. Our class runs from 10am to 1pm. For your convenience, you may park behind the gym or in the parking garage. We will begin practice out on the track field and move indoors at about 11am. All you really need to bring to Sunday classes is: 1) comfortable workout clothing, 2) good shoes, 3) enough water to stay hydrated and sufficient sun protection in the summer. The park has multiple drinking fountains and plenty of restrooms also. Again, you do not need to bring any fencing gear for your first practice. Kron Los Angeles has student gear, including a large variety of training swords, gloves, masks, chest protectors and more. So don't worry, we have what you need to get started. Classes are structured in such a way that beginners learn the basics first, while intermediate and advanced students learn to build upon the basics to achieve the art aspect, of this martial endeavor. Your first lesson is free! After that, you have the following options: Option One*: You are a member of Kron Los Angeles but you don’t know how many times you can make it out to practice and don’t want to commit. You pay $52 each year as a basic membership. In addition, you pay $10 per class attended. Option Two*: You are a member of Kron Los Angeles and you want to pay on a monthly basis. You pay $60 per month period. No basic membership payment of $52 is required. Option Three*: You are a member of Kron Los Angeles, you know you will come to practice but you also want to save a bit. You pay $130 every three months (which amounts to $44 per month).Also, no basic membership payment of $52 is required. * Each option will include the mandatory contribution to the Kron general fund. As mentioned above your first lesson is free. After that each consecutive class as a non-member costs $20. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. Hope to see your there. The Kron Los Angeles Leadership Team

Scott Brown gymnasium, California Institute of Technology

E. California, between Wilson and Arden · Pasadena, CA


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Kron -- "crown" in medieval German -- is an affiliate of the HEMA Alliance, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to research and teaching of HEMA: Historical European Martial Arts. We teach a complete combat system including longsword, sword and buckler, Messer, dagger, Dussack, Ringen (grappling), staff, spear, and other weapons. The first practice session is free.

Kron LA is one of the many chapters of Kron. This is a martial art where practitioners are expected to defend themselves with sparring appropriate to their training level. HEMA is a full contact martial arts and we do take safety seriously. First time visitors can use loaner protective gear, before deciding to buy their own.

For more information about HEMA, please visit . For more information on our amazing historical sources, please visit our Fechtbuch site: .

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