What we're about

Power assisted exercise equipment for seniors, people with long term medical conditions, and anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals regardless of age, ability or fitness level.


Shapemaster provides accessible exercise for those outside the 12% who have gym memberships in the UK. Shapemaster members tend to be:

The over 40s – Shapemaster centres provide a vibrant and welcoming environment that are especially popular with those in their 40s and upwards.The body conscious – creates a comfortable environment which offers a real, less intimidating alternative to the high-energy gym.Disabled and poor mobility – accessible exercise for those with restricted or poor mobility or those in rehabilitation.Anyone who wants to try a different and fun way to exercise!

The Shapemaster range of Powertone equipment incorporates Pilates techniques in a modern range of dual function equipment. The equipment in the Powertone range will help to exercise and stretch all the major muscle groups in the body, whilst the soothing motion promotes relaxation. The range boasts 6 pieces of equipment which can work independently as a circuit or in a combined circuit.


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