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If you are music lover and who appreciates hifi this may be the group for you. Whether you are a beginner starting off with a budget system going into high-end, jumping into the digital streaming bandwagon, looking to exchange/share your existing CDs collection, looking to appreciate unknown singers/music labels, to learn some DIY on your hifi equipment,etc, here is the place for you to share and learn. I don't own a very high end system but i have just started to go into the digital bandwagon and archiving my CDs into my music server. I have been appreciating music since my school days and was greatly influenced by the Quad sound. Ladies whom appreciates good music and system are welcomed to join and learn something from the hifi experts. I am open to all views and suggestions to make this group an interesting and lively group as they say music can be the window to your souls.

Lastly, i will also organize some outdoor activities to keep our members fit and healthy

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