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Present your business. Bring a powerpoint, video or any presentation material. Each presenter is given 5 minutes of presentation time and 5 minutes of Questions & Answers time.

The objective is to enable people to enroll partners and affiliates.

For those who has not presented before, take this opportunity to practice presenting your business in public among associates and friends.

Feedback form is filled during and after each presentation session. These forms are prepared by the presenter.

Presenters should prepare

1. Business cards

2. Presentation material

3. Giveouts (printed material, samples, etc)

4. Promotion or offers

5. Affiliate registration form with Terms and Conditions (if you are looking for affiliates)

Participants should prepare

1. Business cards

2. Pen

What will be provided at venue:

1. PC (no CD, use USB only)

2. Internet access (wifi and wired)

3. Projector and screen

4. Aircond

5. Coffee, tea, milo, biscuits, cakes, pizza.

6. Attendance form


Venue: RM10

Introducer fee: RM0 (previously RM10)

Beverages and snacks: RM5 (previously RM10)

Total RM15.00 (previously RM30.00)

11th Oct 2011 - The cost has been reduced by half to motivate more attendance. To do this, we will reduce the choice of beverages and the introducer fee has been abolished.


09:00 AM - Introduction

09:15 AM - Presentation session 1

Uldis Zac - 10 mins
"Web Design and Marketing. Two Passions - One Person."

JC - 10 mins
"Creating and managing a Facebook fan page"

Michael - 10 mins
"Starting a loyalty programme"

Stella Chua - 10 mins
"Learn how to loose weight. Understand the fact."

Sundar - 10 mins
"Business models with the concept of free."

Yennie - 10 mins
"Are you saving 'optimally' for retirement?"

10:00 AM - Coffee break

10:30 AM - Presentation session 2

11:30 AM - General feedback

12:00 NN - Business networking

01:00 PM - End

Agenda may change without prior notification. Email notification will be sent for any serious changes in agenda and venue. SMS is sent if there is any cancellation. SMS is also sent to remind participants about the event. If you do not RSVP. you may not get the latest information.