Monetise blockchain now: Join R3's Partner Ecosystem


Do you know R3 isn’t only about financial institutions? We partner with consultancies, systems integrators, tech vendors, blockchain startups, and more…

In this first KL Corda Meetup, we would like to invite you to a workshop that explores how your business can partner with R3. With real-life partner success stories, we examine how to build successful DLT partnerships, how you can monetise Corda, and how you can leverage R3’s more than 200 members and partners across multiple industries from both the private and public sectors.

This workshop will be led by APAC Partner Lead, Marc Liew. Please pre-register with your full name, email and bring your ID along for security access on the day itself.

06.30pm- Registration

07.00pm-07.10pm- Welcome to 1337 Ventures

07.10pm-07.30pm: Welcome to R3 and introduction to Corda, a unique blockchain platform

07.30pm-08.00pm- Case studies: Successful partnerships

08.00pm to 08.30pm- Networking and quick tour of the ecosystem