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Get Help With Your WordPress Project

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Rindy P. and Sam S.
Get Help With Your WordPress Project


• What we'll do
Hi everyone,

It's been too long since our last meetup! Let's get together for our first gathering of 2018.

We want to organize this as a true community event, with members offering one another mutual support for their ongoing projects. The more people who join, the more we'll be able to help one another. Come on out and join the fun!

/* Planned schedule
* 2:00-2:30pm Meet and Greet with Coffee and Tea
* 2:30-3:15pm Presentations on WordPress
* 3:15-4:30pm Community Help Desk
* 4:30-5:00pm Sharing What We've Learned

We have an open atmosphere where all are free to join, listen, present and share. Let us know if you would like to present at this meetup. Presentations should ideally be between 5 and 15 minutes long.

Do you need help with your WordPress project? Bring your laptop to our Community Help Desk (aka the Happiness Bar) and a WordPress expert will listen to the details and offer friendly suggestions on how to achieve your goals. Your question may help someone else - we will all share our knowledge and learn together.

Venue Sponsor: Exabytes
We are very pleased to announce Exabytes as our venue sponsor this month! As one of the leading Web, Cloud and eCommerce Hosting Companies in Southeast Asia, Exabytes is in its 18th year of operation and specializes in providing web hosting services to small and medium sized businesses, individuals and SOHO. With deep understanding on the business requirements for online set-up and E-Commerce, Exabytes offers the clients an end-to-end web-hosting solution which is unmatched by its competitors ranging from cloud hosting, eCommerce applications, marketing engine, and dedicated network systems and more.

Venue Info:
One elevator that connected directly to Basement 1 & 2 parking area (parking fees max to RM4, parking machine near to Padi House Cafe').
Facing to LRT Pusat Bandar Puchong station and TESCO Puchong.

• What to bring
A good idea to bring your laptop, pen and notebook.

• Important to know
This is a WordPress Community event and all organizers and attendees agree to follow the Code of Conduct that has been established for all such events. We are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, preferred operating system, programming language, or text editor. The full Code of Conduct can be viewed at