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Kubernetes is more than a platform it is a movement. This groups intention is to create an tight-knit group of pioneers that will propel IT into the next era.

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Getting Involved in Open Source

Online event

Date: March 2, 2021

Time: 6 PM CET / 9 AM PST

via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88993564351

Moderator, Panelist, Contributor & Answer Provider: Divya Mohan


Hi Kubernauts,

it's meetup time again:) But in a slightly changed setup this time.
Rather than just delivering another presentation, we thought it might be fun to make this event more interactive and to give you the chance to contribute as well.

In order to turn this meetup's format into a more fruitful one, we're providing you with some useful materials beforehand:

1) Kubernetes Contribution Guide https://www.kubernetes.dev/docs/guide/

2) LitmusChaos Contribution Guide https://github.com/litmuschaos/litmus/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

Possible Topics Covered in the Live Session:

* Effectively making your first contribution

* Sustaining meaningful contributions

* Since most employers (except a few companies) are not involved in upstream contributions but allow their employees to be a part of the community in their free time, Divya would be happy to field questions about time management, in general & draw from my experience regarding the challenges she used to face.

* Dealing with impostor syndrome or "I-don't-know-a-lot" syndrome

* Don't be intimidated by the fact that most of these OSS communities are highly technical & fear that the entry-level barrier will be very high. This bars them from starting out and is especially an oft-seen case in minorities & college grads.

Short Bio Divya:
Alongside her day job as a Senior Sys Admin at HSBC, Divya is an open source enthusiast. Having contributed to the Kubernetes project in various capacities & as the documentation lead for LitmusChaos, she was recognised as a CNCF ambassador in Nov 2020. Always curious, she is currently looking out to learn more in the Chaos Engineering & Observability space of Cloud Native tech.


See you soon:)

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