Q2 Meetup 2019: Containers and Knative

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Spring is here with some good weather and talks!

A huge thanks to Niir Technology for being awesome hosts. And as always, pizza will be provided :)


Crossing the Chasm
Jonathan Gold, Container Solutions

As Kubernetes enters the mainstream market, we are seeing more use cases that don't fit the original mold, each bringing a new set of challenges. This talk discusses specific case studies, the challenges encountered adopting Kubernetes in each case, and the solutions and tooling used to solve them.

Discovering Knative
Alexandre Menezes, CloudOps

Quick overview presentation explaining and demonstrating the concepts behind knative serverless platform.


We love community talks! If you have success (or horror!) stories, projects you're working on or personal use-cases... don't be shy! The more we share, the more the community learns. Do not hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a talk.