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Kubernetes Security Berlin
Kubernetes Security Berlin
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Entrance to the MeetUp location is 79 Boxhagener Str.

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The explosion of “Cloud-Native” Apps orchestrated with Kubernetes has brought both new agile development processes and new unprecedented risks to businesses of all sizes. Traditionally, organizations have relied upon gates throughout the deployment process to prevent bad code from going to production. However, there has to be a paradigm shift to this solution as the fast, iterative DevOps deployment process requires a new approach to security. In this talk, we will review the risks associated with applications deployed in Kubernetes, the effect it has on the development process and how to think about security in such a dynamic ecosystem. The session will also include a live demos.


Kubernetes: with great power comes great risk
Outcome of Security audits
Chasing security problems with scripts
Script kiddie attacks
Secure architectures
Thomas Fricke | Endocode

Automating Kubernetes Security
Security In an agile environment
Infuse security into your development process with CI/CD pipeline
Zero trust for kubernetes to protect your running workloads
Ram Akuka | Octarine

Security in the cloud, AWS, DevSecOps, need for automation and automated auditing
David Obando | Alice & Bob Company


Thomas Fricke | Endocode
Thomas Fricke is a founder and the former CTO of Endocode.
He is a cloud architect, has build and rolled out virtualisation management systems in secure and critical environments. For customers he has worked on scaling deployment pipelines, distributed SQL and NoSQL databases.
He is giving workshops and trainings on Kubernetes, with focus on container and network security.

David Obando | Alice & Bob Company
David Obando is Principal Consultant at Alice&Bob.Company GmbH.
He has a wealth of technical and management skills, from his former positions at The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH.
As a Systems Architect for secure, high-scalable and -available B2B IT platforms, David successfully designed and delivered to prestigious and challenging German and international B2B customers.
In his role as Operations Teamlead, he took over operational responsibility for complex hybrid-cloud, network and data center projects.
Starting at Alice&Bob David provides valuable advice to customers and takes over the role of a security champion, being focused on AWS cloud security.

Ram Akuka | Octarine
Ram Akuka is an infrastructure architect and DevOps enthusiastic. His core focus revolves around cloud platforms and Kubernetes. Having held diverse titles from Head of Platform to engineering director and CTO, throughout the years he has earned battle scars from learning the hard way how to build scalable, secure, reliable systems using technologies like Kubernetes. As a Sr. solution architect at Octarine Ram is currently working with customers to help adapt their security programs to the new challenges introduced by cloud-native applications.