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Online event: Kubernetes Slovenia Meetup Spring 2021

Online event

Kubernetes Slovenia Spring Meetup is on!

We’ll meet again online and host two presenters:

In the first 30-40 minutes Assist. dr. Matjaž Pančur from Faculty of Computer and Information Science (University of Ljubljana) will do gentle introduction into BPF+XDP and kube-proxyless Kubernetes networking titled: Getting rid of iptables and kube-proxy for fun and profit:

Kubernetes networking traditionally (ab)uses iptables to stitch everything together in a (more or less) coherent cluster. It's a battle tested and proven technology that just works. And when things fall apart, you know where to look and what to kick that things start to work again. Life is all rainbows and unicorns. So why would anyone sane want to get rid of iptables?? ...and while we're chopping stuff inside our K8s cluster, why not axe kube-proxy too... [insert random "Here's Johnny!" meme]

The second presentation will be on Monitoring k8s services, done by Gregor Cimerman, Infrastructure engineer at 3fs:

Developing applications can be fun and easy, finding out the application is not working properly is always a bad news. We know the monitoring is a solution four our problem but how does it work on kubernetes and what are the best practices? We will look into this and show how developers can be empowered to write their own alerts. On top of that Grafana provides a powerful tool to give at a glance overview of what is going on in our environment. Who doesn't like nice looking dashboards?

Notes: We start at 5pm sharp. The Meetup will be held in English. No RSVP required. You will be able to ask questions during presentations via comment section or after each presentation live.


You are kindly welcome!

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