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This group is for people interested in learning containers and Kubernetes.

We want to maximize the meetup benefits for our members, therefore, we are not organizing normal learn-by-powerpoint-presentation sessions. We are organizing learn-by-hands-on sessions.

And to achieve learn-by-hands-on, we put together a roadmap that consists of a series of hands-on tasks.

We called it: The Road to Kubernetes

Every point in the roadmap has one or more tasks that require to be implemented on the member's laptop. We will be sharing the tasks during each meetup session.

The roadmap consists of:

1) We will start with deploying a web-application in a server.

2) As our user base grows, we will need to scale our application to multiple servers.

3) We decide to explore available container solutions, we will look at Docker, Kata, LXD, and Firecracker.

4) We pick Docker as our container solution and we will containerize our web-application.

5) As we continue our journey and picked Docker, we will start exploring orchestration tools to manage our containers. We will study Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

6) We will dive deeper into Kubernetes to understand its components and how to maintain them.

7) The urge of automation rises within our organization and we need to implement automated integration and deployment of our code and containers. We will have a look at CI/CD solutions.

8) We reached the end of our journey towards containers and Kubernetes, but this is not the end, there's more than meet the eyes. Will come up with another journey to learn more and more.

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