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Enhancing & expanding a person's knowledge on internal & external beauty through opinions about natural wellness, healthy lifestyle habits, makeup application techniques, skincare regimens, & holistic treatments.

• Kuhl Beauty & Wellness is a public Facebook page that shares information and education. Topics and content include (but not limited to): beauty and cosmetic products, makeup application/techniques, beauty industry insider tips, skincare knowledge, healthy habits, internal & external wellness, holistic and ayurvedic treatments, inspirational and motivational material, workouts, vegan and plant-based recipes, ideas & suggestions for utilizing essential oils and CBD products.

(Skincare, Makeup, Holistic Treatments, Cosmetics, Cruelty Free, Wellness Tips, Workouts, Motivational Public Speaking, Beauty Education, Webinars, Essential Oils, CBD)

• All details and information is based on personal opinion(s), experience in the field and gaining knowledge on these topics. There is no proven scientific factual statements.
These claims, statements, information shared, and/or taught have not been evaluated by the FDA, CDC, or WHO. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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