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Monthly visits to Tampa Bay Museums & other cultural venues will provide a delightfully entertaining & unpretentious setting for our group to tour, marvel, indulge, socially acclimate, and most simply... to appreciate the incredible wealth of enlightening experiences awaiting Us! While geared mainly for 'singles', we welcome individuals in relationships with mates who simply don't savor the enjoyment of wandering thru hallways brimming with educational fodder, artwork, historical pieces, etc.
As a patron of the Arts, I recently came up with the idea of rather than just giving donations unencumbered ... I would boldly ask up front for Organizations to help me bring more attendance to their precious archives and collections. They have been unanimously supportive of this win-win opportunity.

First, I'm not making any $$$ on this... all fees & charges support the events 100%.
Through my donations, I'm now asking each Center to offer free attendance once a year to our group. Monthly, we would visit a different Museum/Gallery/Venue. I would charge a nominal fee, probably $5 an event, to cover a catered social event before or after a docent guided tour, which would allow socially minded group members to mingle a bit and chat. I'm also requesting a return visit coupon for each attendee; allowing them to return with a guest, for 50% off! The goal is to get our members to visit these wonderfully unique portals of higher education and enlightenment, and then return with a guest, to continue to share the learning experience.

I am planning three types of MeetUps.

1. Accompanied: A minimally organized group participation at certain events. An initial starting time and location would be posted, and the group would loosely meander as the evening unfolds. Food and expenses are on your own. An example might be a MU Dec 31 for First Night St. Petersburg, or sharing a jaunt across TampaBay on the CrossTown Ferry.

2. Assisted: An organized event the provides a specific event (possibly with unique perks for us by arrangements in advance) and usually at a discounted price. And a social Mingling event, either before or after, with refreshments. Example: The Bowling Ball House.

3. Interactive: Organized events where tours and lectures will also be complimented with enlightening and enriching activities for the group to interactively experience a deeper sense of camaraderie at the Mingle social.

Initially, there would be no charge for being a member of this Meetup. Once it becomes popular, I would plan to charge an annual small fee and at the end of the year, the group vote on what charity we could donate all the membership fees towards.

Though we are aligned to enjoy cultural and education experiences here, the premise is that we are a very unpretentious group.... hence my spelling of Culture & Quintessential with a K.

Lastly, and sadly, tours will be strictly limited in size to support our docents and to promote their abilities to adequately communicate and interact with our entire group. It will also create a warmly connective ambiance for participants to immerse into the experience, as well as to interact and engage with fellow members!

Jan 2019: Imagine Museum. Jan16 @ 5:30

Feb: Feb3rd TimeTBA: the Holocaust Museum for the Bill Graham tour before it closes.

Also in Feb: James Michael Pop Art exhibit, The James Museum Date: TBA

March 16, Sat 1:30PM::: the Provocative Dali tour (also call the X-rated Dali Tour)-- A risqué, often ribald tour, discussing the darker deeper side of Dali and the abundant sexual themes adorning so many of his displayed works.

(Additional possibilities: Tampa & St. Pete Museums of Art, James Wood Museum, Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum, Penny Lane Beatle Museum, St. Pete & Tampa History Museums, Tampa Theater BackStage Tour, Ruth Eckerd Hall Backstage Tour, St. Pete Bike & Trolley Mural Tours, Flagler Museum, and more. And I would be open to working with the Group to organize attendance for Music Concerts/Theater shows, where the interest resonates!)

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Bill Graham and The Rock & Roll Revolution @ the Fla Holocaust Museum

Florida Holocaust Museum


$5 Payment insures your reservation. (see below) This is the the last week of the exhibit at the Museum; an up-beat, colorful and tantalizing retro expose into the Rock & Roll World of the 60's, 70's & 80's! I will provide a light lunch & mingle before hand, then we will enjoy the 2-hour docent led tour, concluding around 3pm. Coffee & remaining bites will be available in our private room for those who want to linger with the group. Or you can explore other exhibits in the Museum. The Museum only allows 20 guests per tour, so this will be a preciously small group! As the Museum's website explains: Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution is the first comprehensive retrospective about the life and career of renowned music industry impresario Bill Graham. Recognized as one of the most influential concert promoters in history, Graham launched the careers of countless rock & roll legends in the 1960s at his famed Fillmore Auditorium. He conceived rock & roll as a powerful force for supporting humanitarian causes and was instrumental in the production of milestone benefit concerts such as Live Aid (1985) and Human Rights Now! (1988). As a promoter and manager, he worked with iconic artists including the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Fleetwood Mac, the Who, Led Zeppelin, the Doors, and the Rolling Stones. Again, the Museum strictly limits this tour to 20 guests. Check out the web site: https://www.flholocaustmuseum.org/explore-2/exhibits/billgrahamrockrollrevolution/ The Logistics: Our private room will be availabe at 12 NOON. Upon your arrival, pass thru security, check in at Admissions (they'll have the RSVP list for this MU) and get your free pass (I'm paying for your admission) and the simple directions to our meeting room on the 3rd floor. Since the Tour is a lengthy 2 hours long, I'm not planning any specific 'mingling' event other than the food & drinks; and I'll be the gracious host pretending I'm an extrovert and inclusively bonding our group together. [I put the start time as 12:30 as I don't want to usurp more of your Sunday afternoon than necessary, but again, our room will be available at 12pm if you have the extra time!] At the conclusion of the tour, our room with snacks will still be available for a bit longer for anyone desiring casual socializing; or you can tour the rest of the Museum or just head out and enjoy the remainder of your Sunday afternoon. Plenty of street parking, as well as the free lot surrounding the Museum. I am planning for each Attendee to receive a voucher to return to the Museum, with a friend, for 50% off the total price. PAYMENT: The $5 fee is a token fee I've implemented. Please understand it doesn't even come close to covering Admission/Food/etc I'm spending to enhance our experience. Using the MU $ collection service costs me almost $1 when I charge $5. Plus, it WILL NOT allow me to utilize a WAITLIST once the event is FULL, which it is now. So I'm going to experiment & see how an ALTERNATIVE PLAN B works. Once you make your reservation and receive a place and CONFIRMED RSVP, please contribute/donate $5 via Paypal or Venmo as noted below. If you RSVP & I don't have a payment within 3 days, I'll most gently & delicately & assuredly delete your RSVP. Patience, please, as this is all new to me. Venmo: stuart Lipman (svenmocAT2) or Paypal: [masked] (any problems, please let me know ASAP) Changes and updates and may occur and will be sent to registered attendees prior to the event, as well as my contact phone number the day before the event. RSVPs & WAITLIST will close Jan31.

The Dali 'ProvocaTour' TOUR: An explicitly sexual & risqué portal into Dali!

RSVP's open one month prior to event. The Dali Museums describes the Provoca-Tour tour as follows: As the principal artist-follower of Freud, sexual fantasies are woven into the fabric of Dali’s art and life. Offering a radical departure from the Museum’s daily tours, this tour will explore the sensual dimensions of Dali’s world as reflected in the Museum’s collection. It will reveal the playful excess of Dali’s imagination with an eye on the exotic and erotic in Dali’s life and work. While I could easily amend and expound on that description, I will abstain and simply remind you that it's often a curious and confounding experience to try to make 'realistic' sense out of Dali's art. Our incredibly talented and entertaining docent, Arthur (the only Docent trained in this tour and who graciously agreed to come in special for our group on a weekend) will amaze and likely astound and tease us with the mariad 'conspicuously-obscured' sexual references almost 'littered' in some of Dali's works. These aren't just eccentricities or dubious interpretations... numerous paintings have genitalia and other scintillating sexual references blatantly portrayed, just not easily discernible. Arthur's expertise, sly-wit and ribald humor will reward all of us for this eclectic and most unusual educational experience! Come back with your friends and amaze them with tidbits and tawdry details, if you can remember any of them; we cover a lot of territory in 45 minutes! Logistics: The Dali limits these tours to 15 attendees. I am planning for the tour to start promptly at 1:30pm, and have posted an arrival time of 1:10 to get our group together and organized in preparation for a punctual start. Arthur has graciously agreed to show up on a weekend, and I don't want to delay his return home to enjoy his day off. Afterwards, our group will walk across the street to the Hangar Restaurant where I will host refreshments in our private room. We will mingle there till about 3:30. All attendees will be invited to submit their email address as we'll create our own closed circle bulletin board to continue the option of communications and camaraderie initiated from this intimate and erudite experience. Fees $5-10, to be determined as the snack menu is determined. Parking, admission and tour and refreshments will be included in this MeetUp fee. Additional details and slight changes to be posted here as the date approaches. RSVP availability will open one month prior to the event.

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