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Gold Reiki Cerfitication Workshop - Remove Fear and bring Pure Joy In your Life!
This is a series of 3 weekly Gold Reiki Certification workshops: Dates: Thursday March 22nd 7pm - 8:30pm Gold Reiki Level 1 Thursday March 29th, 7pm - 8.00pm Gold Reiki Level 2 Thursday April 5th 7pm - 8.00pm Gold Reiki Level 3 Location: 1215 Pacific Street Unit 409 Dial 409 for the buzzer Phone: [masked] Energy Exchange: $40 per workshop or $111 for all three workshops which can be paid through interac e transfer to [masked] Each attunement gradually strengthen the flow of gold reiki. You will receive a manual and certificate + unlimited support through e-mail. What is Gold Reiki? Gold Reiki is a hands on energy healing practice which makes use of the Golden Ray of Light to heal oneself and others. The golden ray embodies the christ consciousness. In other words, it is the ascension ray whichis the process of embodying more of our divine self (Buddhists call it the Atman) in our physical body. It is a ray which is very gentle, where the mind makes peace with the heart. It brings you to a peaceful space where healing can occur. Gold Reiki is great when working with forgiveness, releasing anger and fear. It further instills hope and courage for new beginnings. Gold Reiki is a simple but powerful energy healing system. You can use Gold Reiki in the same was as you would use the Traditional Reiki or Kundalini Reiki; the energy can be passed on through a sequence of hand positions as in traditional Reiki. The Gold Reiki energies transmute fear and darkness into Light and joy! Golden Light is the strongest vibrational frequency of transformation. These attunements raise your vibratory rate immensely. The 3 Gold Reiki attunements confer the ability to heal yourself and others as well as the ability to attune others (in person or remotely) to this healing system. In addition, you can apply Gold Reiki to crystals, plants, animals, food, water and so on. We will forward a manual which explains Gold Reiki in detail. It is a very simple process so you will be able to familiarise yourself with everything very quickly. You will receive a certificate of Gold Reiki Master degree at the end of the 3rd week. Gold Reiki has helped us and ALL our students release fear and bring more LOVE and JOY into their lives. We are confident you will enjoy this beautiful gift. Much love and gratitude <3

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This is a group for anyone interested in learning a simple and powerful self healing practice. Through 3 attunements, the Kundalini Reiki energy is progressively awakened within you so that you can start healing yourself and others! It is our wish that such a simple practice becomes a daily routine of every Vancouverite keeping everybody in radiant health!

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