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What we're about

We learn:

Talabhya Kriya,

Jyotir Kriya,

Ashteya Kriya,

Sambhava Yoga.

Kriyas: Tools for well being and Kundalini Awakening.


This is a group where we connect to Mother Goddess Shakti, her various sacred forms and energies, learn the Kriyas to cleanse our Light body, Become a Light Body, increase our Shakti, Jyoti/Light to awaken our Kundalini.

Call upon the Divine Wisdom Goddess, chant her names and Shlokas and Mantras and even draw/paint or make a clay sculptor of various Goddess Energies..

When we have a Havan or a Ritual:

Please bring some offering like flowers/ghee/havan samagri for offering to the Mother or put in the Havan Kund. You may also get prasad (fruits etc) as a blessed food during the Pooja/worship. After the meetup, we can all have the prasad.

In case of Mantra Japa:

Please bring your prayer/rosary beads if u have for Japa and chanting. If you want you can get a small mat (aasan) to sit on though it is not necessary.

For Kriyas:

:) Just bring yourself 100% :)

In Gratitude.

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