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Kundalini Yoga - Yoga of Awareness Heals & Replenishes!
Experience the energetic boost, deep relaxation and mind-body-soul connection. This yoga is a mystical yoga, helping us manifest life in powerful ways, and every class contains kriya or yoga postures, meditation, and deep relaxation and sound healing with the symphonic gong, which can cut through mental static and gently expand your energy field. A few minutes with the gong is like a long, deep, replenishing nap! All of Kundalini Yoga is focused on helping us know our True Selves and speak our truth in the world. It's simple and yet incredibly rich with meaning. Sunday at 11a-12:15p 75-minute class! Sunday, 11a-12:15p, S P A C E , 6333 Odana Road, Suite #1, Madison 53719 All classes are $15 drop-in/$130 for 10-class pass. About Kundalini Yoga: Leave stress behind and connect inward to the source of happiness and joy. It's easy to get lost in the busyness of modern life, but having time to reconnect is vital to health and peace of mind. The results are remarkable! I hope to see you soon. Every class features: Yoga postures. Conscious breathing. Deep relaxation with the gong. Meditation. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness! Kundalini is a deeply healing form of yoga that has helped me, and many of my students and healing clients, so I am very excited to be offering it on the west side. Each class contains exercises, meditation, conscious breathing techniques and deep relaxation. It is known as the yoga of awareness, and it effectively eases out subconscious patterns that get in the way of realizing life’s fullest potential! Please join me and also help me get the word out. Invite friends, family or contacts you think will benefit. I look forward to seeing you soon! Pat Barone, MCC, RYT, KRI ------------------------------------------------------------- The Soul Heals ( Email: [masked] Phone:[masked] What to bring: Bring a yoga mat and, if you like, a blanket or light cover-up for the relaxation portion of class. Questions? Call Pat Barone at[masked]

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Kundalini Yoga is a sacred science or technology, and the fastest way to establish an aligned relationship between the body, mind and the soul. Leave the madness of the over-busy world behind for 60-75 minutes of bliss. Kundalini Yoga increases mind-body awareness and every moment you give your body in positivity comes back to you many times. Experience conscious breathing, guided movement, meditation and mantra. What would take a person 20 years with Hatha yoga can be done in a year with Kundalini yoga. It gives you the ability to rapidly encounter your own ego and to clear out its attachments, so that you can revel in the light of your soul and experience your true identity. Remember who you are, love yourself completely, and live more happily.

Please note! Students come to Kundalini Yoga who are not on this meetup site. So, even if the RSVPs show 1 or 2 people attending, others will be there. Come join us!

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