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A Saturday morning Kundalini Yoga class for a healthy body and a peaceful mind.
This a supportive and welcoming regular weekly class suitable for all levels of experience. Kundalini Yoga uses sets of physical postures and movements (asana), meditation, breathing exercises (pranayam), hand positions (mudra) and chanting (mantra) for physical wellbeing and emotional happiness. As well as helping us to maintain the strength and flexibility of the body, it supports the nervous system, increases the circulation of bodily fluids by increasing the heart rate and internally massaging the tissues and organs. We can also learn how to breathe properly and to control the breath, allowing us to control the mind which in turn gives us more control over our lives. This can help us to release fears, insecurities, irritability, depression and emotional blocks and to alleviate stress. Through Kundalini meditation we can calm the mind and develop our intuition to recognise what is real and important to us. Sometimes in silence, sometimes using mantras, we learn to consciously control and direct the mind. A healthy body and a peaceful mind can help us to remain happy whatever our personal circumstances are.

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Friends Meeting House, Forest Hill

34 Sunderland Road Forest Hill, SE23 2QA · London


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Welcome to KY - SEL. This is a group for anyone interested in Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan). We will be posting about any related 'pay for' and 'free' events in South East London and some national events (such as the Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival). Kundalini Yoga is sometimes called 'the yoga of awareness'. It's a fast track method of transformation. Good for every part of us, from toning the tum, to calming the troubled mind to embodying our spiritual nature more fully. One of the things that makes it so potent is that we use a variety of different tools - breath work, movement, postures, hand gestures, internal body locks, eye positions and mantras (special sounds). Another is that we have a special 'cook book' written by one of the world's experts. In other words knowledge of how to combine these ingredients in sequences which enhance and maximise their effectiveness. All teachers posting events on this group are fully qualified and ensured.

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