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Love Yourself For Who You Really Are. Your Body, Mind & Soul…
Sometimes I catch myself saying nasty things to myself. Maybe something about the way I look, or I criticize something I have done wrong, or in fact not had the time to do. Of course, I am a super mum and I feel like everything should be perfect. Do you know someone who can RELATE to this? This negative self-talk can be really harming, not just to our mind but to our body and soul too. Practicing Kundalini yoga has helped me in ways I can not describe other than life-changing. It gave me awareness to see what I was saying and doing to myself. Yoga helped me connect to my true self, the real me! It brings out the best in me. Not just physically but also emotionally too. It’s TIME to GIVE yourself the LOVE and CARE you need. Do you feel anxious or stressed? Do you feel frustrated? Do you feel that you just have no energy? Do you feel lost or disconnected with yourself? Do you find it hard to relax or have difficulty sleeping? Look no further. I know, I’ve been there, I can help you. 💭 IMAGINE A LIFE OF..💭 🙌 Abundant Energy 🙌 Getting A Great Night Sleep 🙌 Able To Express Yourself With Authenticity 🙌 Loving You and Your Body And The Way It Moves 🙌 Finding That Deeper Connection With Yourself and Others 🙌 Living a Life You Truly Love During my 7 week course, I will teach you transformational techniques from the Kundalini yoga tradition. Such as mindful breath. Dynamic postures for the body to move and shift energetic blocks, as well as powerful uplifting mantras and meditation for the mind and soul. We finish off with a deep cosy relaxation, a time dedicated just for you to rest. (Don’t forget your fluffy blanket) These traditional practices will allow you to open up, love, trust and appreciate yourself and others. As well as helping you accept, forgive and be able to move on. Reaching a true sense of inner peace. This course is designed for any ability as you are able to take it at your own pace. Even if you have never tried yoga before. We all have to start somewhere. I want you to live a life you TRULY LOVE and DESERVE this is my true mission. Dates: Monday mornings 5th November 2018-Monday 17th December 2018 Tuesday Evenings 6th November 2018 -Tuesday 18th December 2108 Cost of Investment: £68 Please register on the website below.

The Old Bath House

205 Stratford Road · Wolverton