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I am starting this group as a reaction to what I see as a necessary, but neglected aspect of what it is to be human, and living in this age. All of us, to some degree, store emotional patterns in the body. The purpose of this storage is to protect the ego so we can maintain some stability during times of stress. This is not a flawed function of the body. The protective emotional armoring that results over time needs to be addressed otherwise there is the possibility of a progression toward various dis-ease states. We can become stiff in our actions and equally rigid in our views and enjoyment of life. The avoidance of pain both physically and emotionally must be addressed otherwise we cease to progress. The focus of this weekly group is the use of Kundalini Yoga, Yantra Yoga, sound, light, breath, forgiveness, and advanced yogic to practices to liberate our flow of energy so that we can flow once again with life. Change is the way of the universe, and we must stay flexible and ,as the Egyptians said, the results of our work must leave us with hearts as light as a feather. The greatest weight we carry in life actually has no measurable weight at all. This group is not a talk therapy group but one based on transcendence and functional practices. These technologies are brilliant. Not only will we feel lighter and relieved but as a bonus we will benefit from stronger nervous and endocrine systems. We will feel stronger, physically lighter, and most of all we will experience more of what life has to offer. If we want to attract what it is we need and want in this life we must change our resonance. The journey is inward through our body's sensory system; as we fall into ourselves we witness more and more subtle layers of pattern linked to our history and expectations for the future, with presence as our anchor we are audience to the change these practices can facilitate. Every time we release some karmic baggage we resonate at a higher level and we begin to attract those energies which mirror our vibration. Live as energy, witness how all is one, and the Universe will provide. We are all unique and differentiated as human beings. We are born to coexist harmoniously with a very specific flow which dictates our functionality and who we think we are. If we tune into this flow we are granted the gift of authenticity and wholeness; and from our authenticity we are guided toward those relationships and activities which we find fulfilling.

The classes will be taught by Joel Etienne M.S. aka Akal. Joel has been a Yoga teacher for about 8 years, a personal trainer for over 10, and he possesses a Masters degree in Applied Exercise Physiology.

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