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Kundalini Yoga and the Rebound Effect

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Every electrical appliance needs a ground. Without the Earth the appliances would simply short out. So if for one moment I would like you to consider how the human body when reduced down to its most finite state is simply a vibration, also consider that the nervous system is essentially the circulatory system for electricity. The experience of what it is to be human is very much an energetic one, and our experiences depend on where we focus that energy through attention, and how unimpeded that flow is. The nervous system stores patterns of behavior and experiences from our past, so when we begin to meditate we begin to release many of these past patterns which limit flow of energy in the body.

The second concept I would like you to consider is what it is we desire when we are pursuing a spiritual path. Some of us are interested in higher knowledge, or mystical experiences. The difficulty with this desire is that we often launch into more advanced techniques for connecting with some higher plane without grounding. The absence of grounding can freak some out, and prevent integration. We need grounding because it allows us to return to the body in a complete integrated way; we are on the earth plane for a reason, and in order for us too live a fulfilled life we need to be grounded.

The physical body is the key too the rebound effect. Think about grounding as a reintroduction to the body and all the experiences both subtle and gross which we have access to when we are comfortable in our own skin. When we jump we have too push off on something solid, or the Earth. When we want to gain altitude energetically we first must clear the nervous system and cleanse the body. A body which is healthy and clear will grant us a connected place to return too when we begin to access higher knowledge. Our integration begins in a downward direction, reconnecting with the Earth and in turn the body. Once we are comfortable in our own skin we can then jump into high realms of experience, this is the rebound effect.

There is more to the rebound effect than just taking care of the body. The necessary tools for living in a whole way begins with a daily Yoga practice, or any physical/spiritual practice.

This week I will be teaching class with an emphasis on connecting with the body and the Earth in general.

please arrive by 7:10 pm,

please bring a Yoga mat if you have one,

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