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Kundalini Yoga and the Aura

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Often when we meet someone we are essentially distracted by their expression or personalities; their attributes are what we are focused on. The interesting thing is that we are actually bringing in so much more information about that person than what our conscious mind is aware of. Many of us have noticed the seeming contradiction between what people say and what they express physically or with their tone. Hand gestures and tones in speech often indicate what is going on on a subconscious/emotional/body level. Between what is said and what is conveyed through movement and tone can indicate a tremendous amount about the person we are communicating with. There is another level we have access to which can be useful in understanding more than the superficial. Beneath the words and the gestures, beneath the individuals expression there is the Aura. Often when someone is speaking of the aura they will bring up colors and the associated attributes. There is something else about auras that many of us have no idea about, that is how they function. The human auric field does not function the same way for all people. It is often assumed that our auras, when clear and strong, act to attract others, and this is very true, however this generalization does not apply to 100% of the population. Some auras actually push outward and essentially repel the fields of others; the judgement with this type of aura is that this person must be closed off or that their heart is shut down etc... In truth someone with a repelling aura is actually here to live a life essentially in a protective bubble, too do their own thing, and to manifest what it is they see appropriate. There are other auras, some that sample the fields of others and some that penetrate. To be able to determine how another's aura functions it is necessary to be able to sit back and take in the big picture. If our minds are consumed with chatter, defensiveness, judgement, etc.. then we will miss the opportunity to really understand the other.

This weeks class will be about amping up the strength of your auric field both in terms of radiance and clarity.

Please arrive by 7:10pm,

Please bring a Yoga mat if you have one,

Donations are accepted to support the space.




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