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Chakras and Days: The Root Chakra and Saturday


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There are 7 days in the week and 7 major chakras in the Human form. What's important to realize about the chakras is that we cannot have a preference for the attributes or siddhis (or Yogic super powers) of a specific chakra. Preferences are a powerful guiding force for energy, and when we choose one side over another we are bound to suffer from what we have ignored; in a spiritual sense this is about recognizing creation contains both light and dark, good and bad, magnetism and radiance, etc... The experience of being human has a protective mechanism built in. This mechanism is fear. Its through fear we are able to avoid that which we perceive as causing harm and its through the avoidance of pain that we preserve the integrity of the physical form. The problem is most of us were not taught how to deal with pain and fear. Our schooling in life is very much about avoiding the unpleasantness of life so that we can maintain a positive outlook and a productive lifestyle; this conditioning is simply a reflection of how our psyche functions. Shock or pain happens and we wall ourselves off so the ego can maintain control and integrity. With every new pain we repress we separate ourselves further from the body and from Joy. Pain/fear always finds a way toward resolution. The intermediate phase in resolving pain is suffering, in the form of destructive personal relationships, fatigue, physical pain and tension, and dis-ease. Discomfort, chaos and calamity are the indications that we have work to do in the form of unifying the body and mind, the masculine and feminine, the head and the heart, movement and stillness etc... The unification process is all about you! The various techniques and systems available are only here to help, the burden and the grace are yours alone. We often can tell where we need to do work, however our approach to our healing cannot follow the example Western Medicine has established; we cannot separate the body into pieces and treat the chakras as separate because lesson 1 on this path pertains to understanding that much like the natural world our being has many seemingly separate parts and systems which are actually codependent and interwoven.

One approach to reclaiming your birthright is to tune to cycles. The calender and time that we currently abide by is a deviation from natural cycles and a fabrication. When we attune to natural cycles we begin to see how dynamic our experience can be which allows the ego to slowly release its control. The ups and downs in life are all about learning. The highs, which many prefer, is a time for activity and accomplishment and the lows, which we attempt to avoid though drugs and distraction, is a wonderful time to halt activity, meditate and reflect. Built into the structure of creation as we know it are the necessary energies needed for the release of toxic patterns and repressed pain. Nature is always moving toward equilibrium and we can flow with it and thrive or we can maintain egoic control and suffer; this is the choice and we do have free will. Some natural rhythms we can tune to are: solar cycles, lunar cycles, daily rhythms, 13 moon calenders, and weekly rhythms.

Last week I covered the crown chakra and Friday; and just as nature flows in polarities, this week I will be covering the Root Chakra and Saturday. The 7 days and the seven charkras flow in a fractal or vortex:

Root chakra imbalances are very existential in nature. They are related to security and the needs of life. When unbalanced we often feel the Earth is not a safe place. The majority of humanity has some sort of imbalance at their root due too our conditioning through wars and scarcity caused by manipulation of the food supply or drought. Hording is a manifestation of the root being off along with feelings of being ungrounded, fear, dread, and not having enough energy to pursue our souls purpose. Yogi Bhajan said a cup without a bottom holds no tea.

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