What we're about

Where a bunch of strangers eventually become friends ... :-)

Who are we?
This group is primarily meant for those of us who are foreigners working in Jakarta & specifically live or work in the Kuningan area.
At times, we also welcome - on a case-by-case basis - Indonesian nationals who have lived abroad for many years and typically need to readjust to Indonesia upon returning. Unfortunately, at this point in time we see ourselves forced to temporarily stop accepting Indonesian nationals into the group, to be able to maintain its diversity and original intentions.

What are we all about?
We want to make friends, just hanging out and exchanging sometimes daunting experiences on what it's like to live abroad. We enjoy getting together around Kuningan, because this is where we live and/or work and it's too much hassle to fight with traffic.
Expect wine, beer, cocktails and informal dining over interesting worldly conversations among internationals. The central hangouts and events are mostly in the Mega Kuningan area.

Please note ...
We have agreed on some "house rules" together, to protect the social nature of the group as well as its original intentions:
1. Strictly: No soliciting allowed !! This is a social group only. Please join the so many other business networking groups if you're primarily interested in developing business connections.
2. Strictly: if you are bringing friends, make sure they fit the profile of the primary target audience of the Kuningan Expat Hangout (e.g. expatriates living in Jakarta). If you are not sure, please contact the organisers.

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After-Work Hangout @ Friday 22nd November


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