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Kunlabora is all about learning and sharing knowledge together. Including you! We organize a Kunlaboratorium every two months, in which we will dive deep into a specific subject or skill. Through interactive workshops and talks, participants are invited to gain insights, pick up new skills, and even discover new and exciting ideas/technologies/ways of working. These workshops will be focused on Agility, Tech or Business development.

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Kunlaboratorium: Computers


In our daily life, we use computers a lot. Sometimes they help us, but more often than not, we have to help them help us. Can we work smarter with computers? In this Kunlaboratorium, we will dive into a couple of technologies that can improve our way of working. Everyone is welcome on the 21st of March, around 18 o'clock. We will start off with some food and drinks before we get into the technical matter. Agenda: - 18h00: Welcome & food - 18h45: Intro - 19h00: Code analysis Code analysis tools can uncover subtle bugs and smelly code. By integrating these tools into your development processes the quality of your work can be closely monitored. We will present a couple of current technologies and show you how to use them in your own practices. - 20h00: Break - 20h15: Bringing smart systems to life In the past year we have created and delivered some 'smart' systems, systems that become more than just another tool to use. In this session we will share our experience creating these systems. Later on we will open the discussion and share each other's experiences making smart systems a reality. - 21h15: closing & networking Interested? Be sure to RSVP here!

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Kunlaboratorium: Communication


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