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Kuno Silat Training Meet Up
This is one hour of training in the fundamentals of Kuno Silat. Wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. And bring water.

10426 Burbank Blvd

10426 Burbank Boulevard · Los Angeles

What we're about

Welcome to the Kuno Silat Meetup! The Kuno Silat Academy is the home of authentic traditional Indonesian martial arts. Kuno Silat is one of the most sophisticated and effective self defense systems in the world.

We are a fun group of martial artists who studies traditional Pentjack Silat for Self Defense and Fitness. Our system of Pentjack Silat is called Kuno Silat. What is Kuno Silat? Kuno Silat is a martial art originating from the South East Asia and more specifically Java, Indonesia. Pukulan is a word that means striking. In this case denoting a Silat system that places a heavy emphasis on hitting. Pentjak is generally considered to refer to the movements and performance of forms where “Silat” is an expression of those motions for use in combat. So “Pukulan Pentjak Silat” could be seen to mean something like “Striking form based Indonesian Martial Art”. Kuno silat specializes in powerful close range striking and highly efficient take downs. Our style emphasizes an "anything goes" real world self defense where multiple attackers and weapons may be used. Despite the seriousness of our training our group is made up of all walks of life with mutual respect and safety at all times.

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