What we're about

Hi, guys!

I am Artem Batogovsky, CEO of vrnet.io company. I started this regular meetup to accelerate virtual reality community in Ukraine.

This meetup is about rapidly growing field of virtual reality and all related topics like augmented/mixed reality, 360 video/photo and quadrocopters.

If you are searching for a project to join in or you want to learn more about the topic, or you need to find people to your startup in VR - welcome to our community! =)

If you want to help me or make a speech at the next event - great! You can contact me via messages, and you are very welcome to do so =)

I am planning to make regular evening meetups with pizza, surprises and of course interesting speakers.

You are all welcomed, see you on the events!

Upcoming events (1)

VR First meetup
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I will add more details on this first meetup closer to September.