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Kyoto International Friends is held at the Thread Cafe, close to subway Imadegawa Station. Usually at Saturday evening once every 2 weeks. Lets get our heads together and enjoy chatting in many languages. If you are interested in meeting new people, making friends from different cultures, practicing English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or any other language, don’t miss out on our events! For immigrants, international students or tourists, it will be a good opportunity to meet the locals. Lets discover some of the secrets of Kyoto! Hope to see you there!

[How to attend the meetup 参加方法について]
The meetup event is held at the Thread cafe, close to Subway Imadegawa Station, on Saturday evening.


◆Reservations (Capacity: 16 people)

Please make sure to make a reservation in advance.

参加希望の方は必ず ”イベント参加” をご登録お願いします。(定員:16名)


◆Time: 17:00 to 18:30 (Saturday)

You can join the event in the middle if you like.

◆Participation Fee: ¥100

Plus, purchase one drink from the menu first, please.

◆Location: Thread Cafe

A 10-minute walk from Subway Imadegawa Station. Or, Bus stop Horikawa Imadegawa is near by.

Map : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bXLIqvXNhgjE44MRe_CRbjCowdM&usp=sharing

◆時間 土曜日 17:00ー18:30


◆参加費 100円


◆会場 Thread Cafe スゥレッド・カフェ


地図 : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bXLIqvXNhgjE44MRe_CRbjCowdM&usp=sharing

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KyotoInternationalFriends -Online-

Online event

We have an online Meetup event with Zoom. Let's divide into small groups of 2-4 people for open English conversation. You can free talk about 30 minutes about the theme we will give, and after a 5 minute break, group members will be divided into new groups again and enjoy talking again. Theme is familiar topics for beginner. Tool : Zoom Ver5.0 or more Date : 29th Nov.2020 (SUN) Time : pm 8:00-8:40 1st Part. (Theme is "Autumn leaves") pm 8:40-8:45 break time. pm 8:45-9:25 2nd Part. (Theme is "Internet") We'll email you the meeting-ID and password at Sunday morning. ---- Zoom(Ver5.0)を使ったオンラインのMeetupイベントです。 2~4人のグループに分かれて約30分間グループで英会話を楽しみます。 その後休憩をはさんでメンバーを入れ替え再びグループトークを行います。 英語のレベルは問いません。英会話に不慣れでも大丈夫。 初心者の方もぜひ参加して簡単なテーマでおしゃべりしましょう。 Tool : Zoom Ver5.0 以上 Date : 2020年11月29日 (日) Time : pm 8:00-8:40 パート1(テーマ:紅葉) pm 8:40-8:45 休憩 pm 8:45-9:25 パート2(テーマ:インターネット) ミーティングIDとパスワードは日曜日の午前にメールします。

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