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ようこそ!Welcome to the Kyoto Pub Crawl! - 日本語は下記になります!

Everyone is welcome to come along on one of our group bar tours around Kyoto. We'll visit 3 bars and club together and the last stop is always a club. It's easy to meet people, have a chat, and of course there will be plenty of dancing and drinking. Usually about 40 - 60 fun and friendly people attend each event, so be ready for a party!

It all started about 5 years ago, with a few buddies from work getting friends together to grab some beers on the weekend. We thought it would be fun to visit many bars in one night. And after 300 events with thousands of new pub crawling friends joining, and we're still going strong!

Many people come didn't know anyone, so don't be shy. Our members include Japanese, non-Japanese, guys, gals, and people from every corner of the earth. We welcome everyone!

Kyoto is a huge city with tons of people, yet many people feel somehow isolated. When we do the Kyoto Pub Crawl, people come together, and this is why we keep doing it.

Part of the fun is that we keep moving and changing the scenery. It makes the evening feel more like an adventure. Another reason is everyone who comes has the same expectation: to have fun and be social. It's a good combination.

If you're living in or visiting Kyoto, please join the Kyoto Pub Crawl! Some people dance, some people sing, some are quiet, some come for the cheap drinks, some people just don't stop talking... :) Most are somewhere in the middle. But everyone is there for a memorable experience they won't soon forget. Come along!


• We move bars and always visit new places
• There is plenty of opportunity to chat, dance, and let loose :)
• We are open to ANYONE who wants to have fun. Not just study language. People often see us on the street and join us because it looks cool.
• You can join and leave (and re-join) the pub crawl parties at any time!
• By the end, everyone feels like they are partying with 50 new friends.
• The last stop is always a popular dance club. You can dance the night away!

✔ Entrance fee for 3 - 4 bars
✔ Entrance fee for 1 club
✔ Welcome shots at each bar/club
✔ Unlimited FREE SHOTS between bars
✔ Pictures of the evening
✔ Drink discounts at each bar (about 50% off)
✔ Points discount card (please request)
✔ Games and activities

【Example Event Schedule】
□ 7:00pm (Bar 1): Meeting spot, kickoff, welcome shot #1
■ 9:00pm (Bar 2): Activity, welcome shot #2
■ 10:30pm (Club): Welcome shot #4, lots of dancing!

Feel free to stay out all night long, or take the last train home.

皆さん、京都のクラブを回るこの "グループ バー ツアー"へようこそ!私たちは、4つのバーやクラブに行きます。最後の目的地はいつもクラブです。沢山の人と出会ったり、お喋りしたりするのにとても良いチャンスですし、もちろん踊ったり飲んだりも十分に出来ます。いつも80人から100人の楽しくて陽気な人が参加しています。さあ、パーティーの準備を!





もしあなたが京都に住んでいる、もしくは訪れるなら、是非京都パブクロールに参加してください。ダンスをする人、歌う人、静かな人、安くお酒を飲むために来る人、喋り続ける人… :) とにかく、皆、簡単に忘れることの出来ない、思い出深い経験をする為にそこにいます。一緒に経験しましょう!


• 毎時間新しいバーに移動します - 飽きることがありません!
• おしゃべりに加えて, たくさんのダンススペースがあります:)
• 楽しみたい人は誰でも参加可能。言葉を学ぶだけじゃありません。道で私たちを見かけた人が参加するのは、パブクロールがクールだから!
• いつでも参加(再入場)可能。いつでも帰れます。
• 最後には50人の新しい友達とパーティーしている様な気がしてきます!
• 最後に訪れるクラブは有名クラブ。クラブの入場料はパブクロールの入場料に含まれているから、安心!

✔ 3つのバーの入場料
✔ 1つのクラブの入場料
✔ ウェルカムショットx 4
✔ バーとバーの間で、無限フリーショット
✔ 写真
✔ 各バーでのドリンクディスカウント(大体50%オフ)
✔ ポイントカード(エントランスでリクエストを!)
✔ ゲームやアクティビティ

□ 7:00pm (Bar 1): 待ち合わせ場所、キックオフ、ショット#1
■ 9:00pm (Bar 2): アクティビティ、ウェルカムショット#2
■ 10:30pm (Club): ウェルカムショット#3、踊り狂って!

パブクロールへの入場料には最後に行くクラブの入場料が含まれるので, 一晩中滞在出来ます! もちろん、最終電車で帰ることも出来ますよ。


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