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Infinity Cube Demo - Kzoo Maker Members only

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Infinity Cube Demo - Kzoo Maker Members only


During this free event, attendees are invited to watch a demo on how to construct a small welded sculpture using tack welding. Helmets, jackets, and gloves will be provided for all participants. This will be observation and interaction only, with the opportunity to hang out, chat, and eat cookies after the demo.

Attendees will be exposed to heat, sparks, and hot metal. Proper eye protection (helmets) will be required while the instructor is welding. Long sleeves and pants are required, as standing too close to a welding arc can cause arc burn on exposed skin.


Requirments: long sleeves and pants.

NOTE: if the RSVP list is full, you may still drop in provided that you bring your own helmet or cutting goggles shade 9 or higher. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to watch in sunglasses. This will not be permitted

Limit: 5 attendees


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1102 E Michigan Ave · Kalamazoo, MI
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