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Learn this amazing Brazilian Dance Called Zouk-Lambada!

This Meetup is past

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Zouk-lambada is a partner dance ! but no partner necessary !
Come to beginners class followed by social every tues 8pm !
its a fun was to meet new people learn a new dance and exercise !

about us:

Zouk Lambada, like many other couple dances, has evolved into what it is today… one of the most beautiful Latin dance styles! Also referred to as Lambazouk, Lambada Zouk and quite simply as Zouk in Brazil, this modern version of the Lambada evokes the body and mind into a trance like state for the dancer, leaving the spectator mesmerized. Zouk Lambada is a dance that is hitting dance-floors across the world. It’s funky! It’s hot! It's sexy! Even if you never danced before, come and fall in love. This will be the best thing that ever happened to you!


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