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*****Hello! Thanks for finding our group. If you're interested in joining, PLEASE have your Messages Enabled, and please be sure it check them!

If you're not active on Meetup-- or aren't in the L.A. area, but are curious about what kinda movies we show-- we encourage you to join our sister Facebook group or Twitter! (see links below) We share ALL events/news on there.

The reason for that is, we currently have a 50-member limit in this group, so we just wanna be sure that those we let in are gonna participate/show up! (believe us, it's kinda depressing/a waste of time to be messaging people who never write back or come to events; we'd rather have a solid 15 members who RSVP & attend than 50+ who don't do either). Thanks for understanding in the meantime!! :)

Ahem: that said...*****


Are you a connoisseur of fine arthouse and international cinema? Have you seen all the Palme d'Or winners?

Well then, this group probably isn't for you, fancypants. We're more about that cult, low-pretense stuff: think Army Of Darkness, Lebowski, Monty Python, Robocop, early Peter Jackson & Mel Brooks, Christopher Guest, John Waters, Jarmusch, exploitation, blaxploitation, grindhouse in the house.

More specifically, we're into the BAD stuff: think Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Room, Reefer Madness, Showgirls, bad horror flicks like Troll 2 and The Happening, embarrassing action movies like Battlefield Earth & Hard Ticket To Hawaii, cheesy comic book movies like Superman IV & Catwoman, video game movies like House of the Dead and Double Dragon. And we're always down for suggestions!

We just wanna get together for some drinks-- wings & fries are cool, too!-- and laugh at some nostalgic/so-bad-it's-good cinema, and hopefully make new friends. Think MST3K, but with some good stuff occasionally thrown in for balance. :)

Please message us here for details, or find us on one of our other sites:




Feel free to invite your movie-lovin' pals, & hope to see you in the peanut gallery!! ;)

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