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Formerly this group had 17 meetups and met at Goda Yoga in Culver City.

It was workshop which took place on 8 Sundays in May 2012. I reached Jen Deraspe, the original organizer, who spends a lot of time back east, but would still like to be involved.

ALL suggestions and comments which you would like to express about the prior meetings, the series and future meetings are welcome. Please respect the privacy of others, and be kind to all.

Going forward, we will determine a meeting time that will be best for the majority.

My good friend Dan will help facilitate. He has attended 9 day instensive with Byron Katie, and has practiced the work for many years now. He is very skilled at facilitating The Work.

Meeting at The Village Church in Brentwood is ideal for many reasons:

1) Very inexpensive fee for rental

2) Plenty of parking in the parking lot and in the residential neighborhood

3) Nice neighborhood

We will need to pay a small fee to use the facility, so we will ask for a small amount, but no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Please have a look at Whole Mind Center on Facebook. Click on "About" to read the concept and be sure click "more" to see the complete description. Please "Like" it if you concur with the concept.

Here is the prior information from Jen:

If you could end your own suffering, would you?

The Work is a simple yet radical and life-changing process that involves questioning the thoughts that are causing you stress. “I should have more support…People should listen to me… There is something wrong with me …I don’t have enough time…People should respect me…I need more money…You shouldn’t have left me…” Thoughts like these pass through our minds throughout the day, causing stress, anxiety, fear, anger, and depression.

Learn a simple way to clear the mind and move from fear to freedom, from anger to joy, and from confusion to clarity. Anyone with an open mind can do The Work.

Members in this Meetup group will have the opportunity to learn how to use The Work in areas of their lives causing pain, separation and loneliness.

During the workshops we will:

Practice guided meditation to still the mind

learn to identify and question stressful thoughts through the still mind

consider and experience the opposite of your stressful thinking
learn how to facilitate yourself using The Work's four questions and turnarounds
take home a powerful tool that can help you live with clarity and integrity

Come join us for guided meditation, Inquiry and self discovery in a safe and supportive environment.

Organizer: Scott Passin

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Please read this Introductory Information
Needs a date and time

Location visible to members

If you have not yet read the description for the group, please click "About us..." which should appear on the left side under the photo of Byron Katie. Then, please: a) Read this b) Send some kind of reply c) Include any questions, suggestions, etc Some potential info you could include: Still interested in the group? Tue PM works for you? Location ok? Thank you! My good friend Dan is currently facilitating the group once per month. Soon we hope to meet more often. Currently, we meet Tuesday evening, 7pm at the Village Church in Brentwood. Dan has many years of practicing the work, a 9 day intensive with Byron Katie, and a great understanding of The Work, and ability to facilitate concise interaction. There is plenty of parking, in this residential neighborhood, right off the 405 (Montana Ave), plenty of side street options for getting there if you wish to avoid the freeway. According to Google maps, there is a bus stop about 100 feet away from the facility. There is NO charge to attend. There is no obligation, so please don't let it prevent you from joining us. There is a very low fee to rent the facility. Therefore, we appreciate that if you are able and are so inclined that you contribute, even if it is a very small amount, this will help us to pay the facility fee. If you would like a guideline for donation amount, $5 or more is helpful. This support group falls under the umbrella of Whole Mind Center, which you can read about on its Facebook page, by clicking About. Whole Mind Center (WMC) will grow and expand. WMC will offer many kinds of groups to facilitate assisting those who want to deal with negative emotions, especially depression or anxiety. Although held at a church facility, we are NOT affiliated with any religious institution. This is non-denominational, non-sectarian and open to all, as long as we have mutual respect for all involved.

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