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TaiChi QiGong Push Hands meetup
I will teach you QiGong; in only 3 min you can feel the qi, I will teach some wushu, because taichi is one of wushu,you have to do a little wushu then will help a lot to you I will show you what is realy taichi. We teach 24 Taichi, then Traditional Yang Taichiquan, Taichi Push hands, then taichi fan taichi sword, taichi blood sword, staff.....

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This is a group for anyone interested in Taichi, Taichi push hands, QiGong, wushu, Acupuncture. Los Angeles E-Mei Tai Chi Meetup is a rare chance for people to learn from one of the Great Masters of China, International 8th Degree Black Belt (Duan), China 6th Tiger Duan, world taichi and taichi push hands champion --- Grandmaster Fu Is offering classes to those interested in Learning the Traditional Yang style Taijichuan (Tai Chi) Tou Shou (Push Hands)and Qigong from a Highly Skilled Master, as It was passed on from Generation to Generation of Masters to Disciples. This is Tai Chi that has been Unaltered since conception and the forms are taught and held to Highest Regard… once you watch Master Fu Perform Tai Chi and Have a chance to Touch Hands With Shifu Fu you will surely know why the Great Taijichuan Masters and their skills have survived the test of time…and why Tai Chi Chuan is called the GRAND ULTIMATE…

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