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This group is for entrepreneurs who love to learn and love to have fun and socialize. Each event will have value-packed presentations and high level networking with other entrepreneurs. Topics will be on social media, internet marketing, sales, confidence, persuasion, strategy, goal achievement, etc.

Are you looking to attend value-packed networking events?

Would you like to mastermind with like-minded, high level people?

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This group is for professionals who are lit up about social media and internet marketing. This is OUR group for us to all equally contribute to so make sure to invite your friends and email me on how you would like to contribute to the next event.

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Join Our GET IT DONE Workshop & Receive The Guidance, Accountability & Support To Get Your Facebook Ads Up & Running The Right Way. Register Here: http://MegaMeetupMixer.com Are you thinking about running Facebook Ads, about to start running Facebook Ads, or already running Facebook Ads and looking for guidance? If YES, you should check out the upcoming Get It Done Facebook Ad’s Workshop! Register Here: http://MegaMeetupMixer.com This is a 3 day Hands On interactive GET IT DONE Workshop hosted by business coaches and consultants Casey Eberhart and Beejel Parmar. The lead instructor is Facebook expert, Sergio Chavez, who manages over 250k in adspend per month over Facebook and Google. This is NOT a watch and write notes workshop it is a GET IT DONE WORKSHOP that will have your Facebook Ad’s Up, Running and Optimized by Experienced Experts. Register Here: http://MegaMeetupMixer.com WHY GET IT DONE IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN? There are many learning resources available to you right now, from free, to low cost, to overpriced… and, in our opinion ACCESS to content: books, videos, education, webinars, seminars is not what’s holding you back… Statistics show us that only a Small % of people that buy books and courses ever complete or implement what they learn… and that accounts for BILLIONS of dollars of wasted hard-earned money, and higher credit card debt. So we’ve developed a different way to help you… Our focus is learning through implementation, also known as experiential learning. Register Here: http://MegaMeetupMixer.com Our Get It Done Workshop utilizes the ‘G.I.F.T.E.D. Training Method’ developed by Beejel Parmar, to enhance and enrich your learning experience, and more importantly ensure you actually get it done: • Get it Done (supported & coached to get it done) • Intensive (reduced time) • Functional (practical activity or task relating to the way something works) • Tactical (carefully planned actions) • Experiential (learn by doing) • Debrief (post-implementation learning) Register Here: http://MegaMeetupMixer.com The workshop will be delivered over 3 Learning Sessions and 2 Get It Done Sessions The 1st Day is Fundamentals and Content Creation, followed by ‘Get It Done’ time. The 2nd Day is FB Ad Setup and Start Running on Sunday morning, followed by ‘Get It Done’ time. The 3rd Day is Ad Management and Advanced Optimization on Saturday morning (the following weekend to review results) Register Here: http://MegaMeetupMixer.com Join Our GET IT DONE Workshop & Receive The Guidance, Accountability & Support To Get Your Facebook Ads Up & Running The Right Way Register Here: http://MegaMeetupMixer.com Casey, Ryan & Beejel P.S. If you think this Meetup could be valuable to a friend, colleague or business partner feel free to share the link below. Register Here: http://MegaMeetupMixer.com

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