What we're about

This group is for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and tech startups. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a ninja techie, newbie noob or curious investor. The mission of this group is to create a resource that helps support others on there journey in Entrepreneurship and Technology. We will achieve this through planned monthly networking events, founder startup interviews and startup workshops for learning whether it be HTML5/ CSS3, MVP, IDEATION or Lean Startup Methodology. Los Angeles is a city of dreamers and go getters. Come to our events to network and share your stories. Hear how others have overcome hurdles and achieved success. All are welcome!


What's the age range?

Applicants ages 18+ and from beginner to expert are welcome to apply

What is the cost of classes

The tuition is based on the number of credits in your desired class. At the beginning of each class description you will find the number of credits for each class as well as the dates, days and times it meets.

For example, a two-unit class would be $80.00 (USD) for tuition only.

2 credits x $40.00 = $80.00

4 credits x $40.00 = $160.00

6 credits x $40.00 = $240.00

8 credits x $40.00 = $320.00

What's the membership fee?

MTS Leadership Program is only $780 per year for limited time, all of which is given back to you as Credits, in addition to all other membership benefits.

Where is the location of these classes & workshops?

All our classes at our West Hollywood chapter.

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