What we're about

Los Angeles Gay Male Breakup Support & Social Group is simply a completely free avenue for those of us who may have gone through a recent (or not so recent) breakup after a long-term relationship with a husband, boyfriend, friend-with-benefits, and for anyone who takes comfort from being in the company of other gay people that can talk and share similar experiences. This group has no specific/official meeting place. Members can meet up at designated public parks/spaces, organize outdoor activities such as hikes, beach walks, movie theater (see a movie as a group), hobby chats/sessions or suggest other activities that would help the group to learn more about themselves as well as about one another. Just been dumped? Have you had to dump someone that you really cared for? Do you feel like you're all alone? Do you feel bad relying so heavily on your friends and family for help with "getting over it"? Looking to branch out, meet new people, create new and positive distractions (to get your mind OFF of your ex) and expand your circle of friends? Then this group is for you (and me)!

PLEASE NOTE: I'm just a dude with a broken heart that is looking for options for coping, just like you. I'm am in no way a professional/expert or offering any professional services such as psychiatry, therapy, etc. Just hoping to find other people who would rather get out and proactively COPE than mope.

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