LA-HUG: VEX Voodoo with Jake Rice - Writing Your Own Polywire SOP

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Finally! A presentation that will answer the most pressing question on every Houdini artist's mind: "Can you write a Polywire SOP with almost pure VEX??"

In this talk Jake will cover both the VEX techniques and underlying theory that make it possible to construct Polywire type meshes in a parallel environment. He will cover most topics from the ground up, so a deep understanding of VEX is not required. However, passing knowledge of basic VEX principles will make comprehension of the topics easier.*

Jake Rice is an LA-based freelance technical artist/designer with a keen interest in geometry processing and tool building. He's primarily focused on effects and tool development for Commercial Motion Graphics. His studio experience includes names like Buck LA, ManvsMachine and Timber, creating work for clients like Apple, Google, FX Networks and many more.

Stick around after the presentation to meet Jake and other Houdini User Group members, and to collect free Gridmarkets render credits. We'll also raffle off excellent prizes from SideFX and Quixel, so come on through and don't miss out!

* For a great introduction to the fundamentals of VEX in Houdini, LAHUG recommends:

Rohan Dalvi's "Intro To VEX" video, available for free viewing on the SideFX website:

The excellent "Joy of VEX" series of articles on CGWiki: