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If you are not only interested but also "committed" to your personal development, if you are not only curious but also "passionate" about learning how to elevate your consciousness, how to increase your intelligence, how to advance your lifestyle, how to LOVE yourself, LOVE your life, LOVE the universe and the people in it even MORE! and how to get better results in anything in life, then please join the SHINY & HAPPY movement!

Our vision in this LA NLP SHINE & NLP COACHING Group is to PUSH HUMANITY FORWARD towards a "SHINIER and a HAPPIER PLACE :)" because you know that we can do a better job in this world, especially about the number of HAPPY people in it! Yes? Therefore our mission naturally is to make people SHINE for this vision! YAY :) Starting with ourselves of course :) Help them LOVE themselves even more and SHINE their lights even brighter so that they can also help others do the same! And again, first, starting with ourselves :) We need more leaders in our planet, don't you agree? And we can only achieve all these through TRANSFORMATIONAL EDUCATION and SELF ACTUALIZATION! Give me a HI-5 if you agree with that! Because I Be-live we all are STARDUST and we just need to remember who we are at our core! And only education can remind us that! Only education has the power to go in anywhere and light up any room, including the dark ones we have in our brains ;) Yes? But, we need a new kinda education that educates us about us and about life, yes? Where we learn more about our mental, emotional, physical, social, professional, financial and spiritual well being, yes? Also an entertaining one of course ;) Like a school of life that we never attended or heard before! A fun, engaging yet a challenging one! Yes?:)

Then come closer my cosmic friend, because I want to tell you HOW I CHANGED MY LIFE COMPLETELY IN ONLY 4 YEARS by applying the magical power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and share some of its magic with you so that you can get even better results! Good or good? Because NLP is the mind technology behind all of these transformational courses and what's changing the world today! NLP is everywhere! It's on TV, in the books you read, in the daily conversations you have with your friends and your coworkers, it is online, it is offline, it is EVERYWHERE! I am telling you, it's time to rise up to your higher intelligence and understand what NLP is and how you can use its techniques to get better results! In 1970's Richard Bandler created it, in the 80's Anthony Robbins spread it and in the last two decades NEW PEAKS mastered it! Look around and see for yourself! Don't you think it's your turn NOW? Lets master the tools of NLP together! YES? Well the good news is, I am a Licensed NLP Trainer, and I trained with the father of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. And I can only tell you that NLP is pure magic! That's it! It is pure magic and it is so unbelievably simple that you will say to yourself, "why did I wait so long to learn it?" Because that's what I said to myself and that's why I want to share this magic with as many people as I possibly can! I would like to share how I changed my life and how I helped thousands of other people change their lives with the pure magic and the power of NLP, with you here in this group as well! :) That's how I would like to use NLP as a tool for all of us to SHINE!!! Great or great? :)

So by joining LA NLP SHINE & NLP COACHING GROUP, you will not only be a part of this AMAZING INTELLIGENT FAMILY and but also learn and practice the powerful techniques of the world's #1 technology of the mind NLP that will let your POWER SHINE OUT! In addition, since we are all about growth, I would like to hear what's your gift and your expertise that you would like to share with us, so that together we can all help each other and grow stronger :)

With my LOVING, CARING, SHINY and GOLDEN HEART I invite you to join my #SHINYHAPPY movement and together we will create a better world!!! YES!

Shiny Burcu Unsal

Check out our website for more info: https://www.shinyunsal.com

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Experience ICF Coaching with NLP (Free)

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# Join LIVE To Feel Empowered With This Free NLP Mindset Webinar!

Here's what you'll discover during this webinar training:
✅ You'll learn what coaching is and is not.
✅ You'll experience how ICF coaching is done with NLP techniques.
✅ You'll get your own FREE 45-min personal coaching session with a certified coach!

  • Please bring a specific outcome you want to achieve with your coach in that 45 minutes.
  • Please make sure your outcome is specific enough for you to measure at the end of your coaching session.
  • Please come with an open mind and a loving heart. ❤️
  • And then relax and enjoy your FREE session. 🥰

✅ You'll experience how coaching makes an instant difference in your mood and you'll love it! 😍
✅ You'll be able to give instant "feedforward" to your coach about what worked for you and what didn't, in your session.

  • Your coach will so appreciate improving their NLP coaching skills with your feedforward since they have the growth mindset!

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NLP Webinar: How to Boost Your Personal Power

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