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Hi. I am an older worker who has to work for a living. I don't have time to blog and cover city and county meetings and events anymore, but I know many retired people do have time to cover public meetings. However, you may not have the technology and journalism skills to know how to start and run a blog.

I am NOT talking about opinion blogging. You are welcome to have an opinion, and share it on one page of your blog, but I am primarily about teaching old-fashioned journalism - who, what, why, when, how, where, and why the public should care.

I am starting this group for anyone who has the time to go to public meetings for city, county, and state business, the tax payers' business, and blog about them. I AM NOT GOING TO CHARGE A DIME FOR THIS INSTRUCTION.

I can TEACH YOU how to do this, including teaching you the Society Of Professional Journalism standards to govern your reporting.

You need to be passionate about this, because public meetings can be boring if you don't care about the topics discussed. You must be willing to learn about the issues as they are discussed at meetings - every side of the issue, not just one.

You need to be UNBIASED - that means even if you think the person, policy proposal or law is at the stupidest things you've ever heard in your life, you must learn to report the true facts first, without bias, then save your rant for your opinion page.

You must be willing to report the facts and only the facts. Let the people decide if the thing is good or bad for their community.

About me: I have a degree in Journalism from a local university and kept a blog from 2012 to 2014. I am not a WordPress expert but I can teach the basics of WordPress and then, if you want to go further, there's other MeetUps that can teach you more.

Why am I doing this? Because our news media doesn't have enough reporters to cover all these meetings and new bills introduced in the state legislature. They don't have enough paid people to do all the work that needs to be done. Nevertheless, the PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW what their officials plan for them.

I was trying to think of people who have the time to cover these things, but don't need an income because they have a pension to live on, and I thought of Seniors. Many Seniors have the time to blog and care deeply about their communities, but they don't have the technology skills to start a blog.

I can teach you.

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