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Every Last Friday of the Month 7:30 - 9:30 Intro to Tantra (free)
Crazy Wisdom: From Sex To Superconscious.
A co-ed talk on Shaktism Tantra & how we can create Heaven on Earth.
- The Embrace: Partnered Meditation (no partner necessary)
- Balancing Masculine and Feminine energies
- Q & A

Activate your fire! The Embrace: The Art of Loving

Learn how to activate the Shakti, the energy of sensuality and power that creates all life.
This energy is sleeping inside our bodies, waiting to be woken to transform us into our most powerful selves. This energy can be used to create anything from art to lovemaking. The Art of Love is not only a physical union, but a spiritual union as well.

The tantra circle is a beautiful place to practice this in a supportive community where we can drop our fears and move towards vulnerability and love. We all long to connect deeply with others, to find a place of harmony and Union that is spiritual as well as physical. Psalm will break down the different aspects of love and teach partnered practices to increase self-love and intimacy with partners. (no partner necessary)

Learning how to navigate:
Conditioning- how we were taught to love
Projections- how we project our shadow onto others
Pure Bliss experience- feeling the oceanic pleasure

Understanding the 5 kinds of Love

Releasing fear in relationships
Activating the Shakti through sensuality in your body
Balancing masculine and feminine energies
Union as a path to Liberation

Come to the FREE intro Tantra talk on Sunday for newcomers or people who are interested in tantra but want to learn more before attending an event! :::

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