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[UX design]Learn by Sharing: peer-to-peer projects review

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Hey guys,if you are currently working on cool idea or have turned it into a start up. you might want to talk to your users as early as possible and to get their feedback. In addition, you might also want some insights from UX professionals.

You are very welcome to bring them to our meetup. We will be reviewing each-others' work, providing mentor and helpful feedback. We will have open discussion , everybody will give useful feedback to each other. you will learn UX concepts during discussion.

In this session, we give each presenter 10-15 minutes to share the status of her/his project. This will include a quick presentation plus Q&A session. We encourage you to listen and learn but also give useful feedback to each other.

You can share anything you want, for example, a few snapshots about your projects in PowerPoint slides, a piece of UI design in psd, code demos,wireframes or just some pencil and paper drawings. Also, you can present the same project multiple times. We will be very happy to see improvements you made each time

In addition, If you can tell the host before the event starts, that would be great. We are also going to asking if someone wants to present during the event.feel free to bring friends, co-workers, your mentor:) you will also get chance to win free usability consulting service.

Good News!!!!

• We are offering free usability consulting for 3 Companies!!!!(contact me if you are interested . )

Students from Techbow practicing UX. They are trained by UX professionals to conduct usability testing and to solve UX problems. they would love to partner with you so that they can help you to improve your product!

What are they going to do:

Conduct heuristic evaluation of your overall user experience.

Recruit users to participate in usability testing sessions

Conduct moderated usability testing to identify usability issues

Provide solutions and recommendations to the identified usability problems.


Hang Yu - Product designer at Citrix. Currently leading the design efforts in GoToMeeting web.

Chris Wang - Product manager at MagNet. Their product is currently under alpha.

Parking is free!!!!